Ideal Summer Wardrobe for Every Body Shape

One of the biggest problems with a summer wardrobe is that it is difficult to hide figure imperfections. You don’t have to go on a diet or hurry to the gym, you can just make up your summer wardrobe correctly, so that it emphasizes your advantages and conceals some figure flaws.

Our Italian stylists from Milan have created the perfect summer wardrobe for every body type.

Apple body shape

You have a full belly, large breasts, but slender hips, legs and arms.

Your ideal wardrobe:

V-neck top

A-line skirt

palazzo trousers


Hourglass body shape

You have a well-proportioned figure with a well-defined waist, breasts and hips.

Your ideal wardrobe:

trousers, flared from the knee, with a high rise

dress with A-line skirt

pencil skirt

wrap blouse

Rectangle body shape

You have a slim figure, but the waist does not stand out well. Your task is to create volume in the hips.

Your ideal wardrobe:

boat neck top

pleated skirt

cargo trousers

A-line dress

Pear body shape

In this body figure, the hips are wider than the shoulders.

Your ideal wardrobe:

top with bright collar

A-line skirt

palazzo trousers

wrap dress

Inverted Triangle body shape

In this figure, the shoulders are wider than the hips.

Your ideal wardrobe:

U-neck top

mini skirt

banana trousers

A-line dress

Oval body shape

You have a plump figure. The fullness is evenly distributed over the figure (full waist, breasts, hips, arms and legs).

Your ideal wardrobe:

low waist dress

straight skirt

straight tunic

palazzo trousers