Interior Bathroom Design Ideas

The interior of a bathtub always has special requirements: it should be practical, comfortable, safe and, preferably, stylish. We have collected several ideas for designing a modern bathroom which you can inspire you to renovate.

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Nowadays the tendency to emphasize the decorative component of the mirror is becoming more and more popular. It becomes the central element, the main accent of the entire space. An unusual shape, massive or bright frame can attract more attention.


The pandemic clearly showed that complete self-care and relaxation sessions can be arranged in your own bathroom. Now the designers strive to make the bathroom not just a place for hygiene procedures, but also a full-fledged home spa.


One of the consistent trends in bathroom design in 2023 is rethinking the role of this space. The easiest way to add softness and warmth to any space is to introduce natural textures into the interior, primarily wood in its various forms.


Another long-lasting trend is not to limit yourself to decorating your bathroom only with tiles. Previously, ceramics were the only option because they were the only ones suitable for hot, humid environments. Now there are many stylish alternatives.


New technologies firmly entered our lives, and new requirements began to be placed on the interior. The furnishings should not only be stylish, but also as comfortable as possible. To make the design look laconic, stylish and holistic, the space is equipped with elegant-looking but multifunctional appliances.