Kid’s Room Interior Design

When creating an interior design for an apartment or a house, any designer is faced with the issue of decorating a children’s room.

And here the very first question is about the style of the room for children:

  • Should the room for girls be pink?
  • But what if you decorate the bedroom in the form of a castle for a princess?
  • Should you choose wallpaper with planes or jungle?
  • May we use bright, childish colors like orange and yellow?
  • Maybe we shouldn’t design the kid’s room at all?

We asked our Italian teacher of the course “Interior Design and Decorating: PRO”  from Milan Stefania Ubiglia these questions.

All clients who order interior design in the kid’s room can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. those asking for a cute pink baby girl room
  2. those who want planes or tigers on the walls in the children’s room, and buy a bed in the form of toy cars
  3. those who ask to make the room in neutral “adult” colors

My opinion is this: children grow up very quickly, and animals on the wallpaper, which seem cute and funny today, in 3 years will bore your children out.
If you or your clients, to whom you create a design, have a budget to make repairs every 3-4 years, then your imagination can not be limited.
You can decorate a room in the form of a castle for a little princess, after 3 years change everything to the jungle, and after another 3 years make graffiti, whatever you like.

However, most often the situation is different, and people make the interior design for a long time.

Therefore, the design of the kid’s room should be made as neutral as possible:

  • you should not decorate the room according to the gender of the child (pink colors for a girl, blue for a boy)
  • you shouldn’t decorate the room in only one color (everything is pink, for example)
  • you should not choose furniture in the form of cars, locks, airplanes, etc. (or prepare for the fact that it will have to be changed in a couple of years)
  • it is better to choose neutral wallpapers without animals/dolls/planes. Instead, use fun wallpaper stickers that can be easily removed later
  • it is better to avoid active colors such as yellow, red and orange in the design of a room for small children. They are active colors, and as a result, the child may have trouble sleeping.