Lesson from Milan: 10 new ways to wear a usual shirt

A stylish person is not that who buy the packs of clothes every time, but the one who is able to combine everyday things and create stylish and unusual look.

Today our Italian teachers from Milan will show you the most original ways to wear a usual shirt.

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Become a wardrobe stylist!

1 variant – an assymetric shirt

It’s a casual image, tuck in only one part of the shirt in front.

2 variant – a shirt with a cardigan

Try to wear a shirt with a cardigan and at the same time tuck the sleeves up.

3 variant – a shirt tucked in front and free behind

Take a rather voluminous shirt; it should fit ideally in front of the figure, while at the back it should be elongated and flared.

4 variant – create a contrast of length

Try to create an extra-contrast on the length, leave one side of the shirt free, tuck the other one.

5 variant – a casual outfit with jeans

Put on your favourite jeans with a shirt, on the one side let the edge remain oblique.

6 variant – instead of a skirt

Who said that a shirt cannot be transformed, let’s say, into a skirt?

7 variant – as a top with open shoulders

Just do not fasten the top buttons and fix the bottom, tying the tips.

8 variant – with a dress

To create a simple, but trendy look, you’ll need a dress with 3/4 sleeves, put the shirt of the appropriate color on.

9 variant – shirt as a cardigan

Put on a simple top, and above wear an unfastened shirt.

10 variant – a shirt with overalls

Just putting on a shirt with overalls is not enough, tie the ends over the top and get a trendy look.