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Become A Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper

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Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper courses online

  • Would you like to get a new creative profession with beautiful things, interesting people and earn good money for your job?
  • Would you like to update your own style?
  • Would you like to try yourself in fashion?

If you answered yes, the “Wardrobe Stylist and a Personal shopper” course is the right choice for you

Why to choose this course

1 course=2 professions

After this course you will get 2 professions: Wardrobe Stylist and Personal Shopper


50% time – Practise

During course you will make wardrobe analyses, image consultations, personal shopping sessions for real clients

Start to work

After this course you can subscribe Association of Image Stylists and Personal Shoppers and get clients with our help

All the lessons are given with the English subtitles.

  • analysis of the body types in fashion
  • how to create style for different body types
  • how to create wardrobe for “clessidra” body
  • how to create wardrobe for pear body
  • how to create wardrobe for apple body
  • how to create wardrobe for square body
  • how to create wardrobe for round body
  • combination of geometry in a shape of a woman
  • how to choose a swimsuit for different shapes
  • how to choose clothes for different body types: practice

  • fashion style: what is it and how to create it?
  • what type of a fashion style suits your client better
  • fashion style and the body shape of a person: yes or no?
  • designers and fashion styles
  • what is conceptual style
  • what is romantic style
  • what is aggressive and sexy style
  • what is glamour style
  • what is classical style
  • what is rock style
  • what is sport and street style

  • how to choose the right colour clothes for a person
  • how to combine colours in an outfit
  • cold and warm colours in an outfit
  • jeans colour: how to use it in an outfit
  • how to mix&match prints
  • how to use stripes in an outfit
  • how to choose colours of accessories
  • how to mix colours: practice

  • how to choose the best fabrics for clothes
  • composition of an outfit: how to create and combine layers
  • how clothes should fit: dresses, skirts, pants
  • how to match shirt, top, jacket and blazer
  • how clothes should fit: sleeves, trousers, jackets etc.
  • how to choose the right combination of colors for the upper and the bottom part of the outfit
  • how to choose a waistline of clothing
  • how to choose a neckline of clothes; which necklaces to use in an outfit
  • step-by-step guide to tying a belt: new stylish & fashion ideas
  • 24 new stylish ways to tie a scarf around the neck

  • how to create a new wardrobe to a person
  • what is a basic wardrobe
  • steps to follow to create a perfect wardrobe
  • examples of what to include in/exclude from your basic wardrobe
  • how to include trendy pieces in your wardrobe
  • wardrobe analysis: theory and practice
  • must have in a wardrobe of a person
  • how to select the right shoes for your clothing
  • how to choose a bag
  • how to choose glasses
  • how to choose belts
  • how to choose hats

  • personal shopping service
  • maps of the shops
  • secrets of personal shopping for clients
  • how to organise the shopping for a client

At the end of your style course you should complete the final project on changing the wardrobe and style of a real person where you become a real wardrobe stylist & personal shopper. The project will be evaluated by the Italian teachers.

Alessandra Buscemi

teacher image
  • Communication manager at Kering Group (brands Brioni, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Puma, Saint Laurent etc.)
  • Fashion shows producer for Milan fashion weeks
  • 9 years experience in the fashion and luxury industries between Paris, Milan and Hong Kong
  • Marketing and brand management consultant for luxury brands
  • Teacher – focus on fashion styling, creativity, merchandising and brand development
  • Collaboration like a teacher and consultant with Marangoni institute and Bocconi institute

Carlotta Stevanin

teacher image
  • Product development specialist for VIP and Celebrities at “Gucci”
  • Celebrity Product Development Manager assistant at “Gucci”
  • Celebrity Personal Stylist

Riccardo Carrapa

teacher image
  • Image Consultant, Personal Stylist
  • Teacher in Fashion design, Personal shopper, Stylist courses in fashion academies in Milan
  • Designer of his own luxury pret a porter women collection RICCARDO CARRAPA COUTURE
  • Art Manager at fur showrooms
  • Fashion Consultant at fashion-boutiques and stores
  • Coordinator, Stylist-organizer of many fashion-shows for various brands in Milan

Silvia Stefanini

ielfs teacher silvia stefanini
  • Fashion stylist and editor in adv, editorials, videos for many brands like LA PERLA, SILVIO FIORELLO, SAMSUNG, NIKON, NINA RICCI
  • Fashion Stylist for fashion magazine L’officiel, Elle, Vogue, Gq Italia, Design Scene, Oob, etc.
  • Personal and celebrities’ stylist for private clients, singers, musical videos and in CANNES film festival
  • Fashion Stylist and coordinator of Fashion shows during Fashion week

Antonella Petrecca

ielfs teacher Antonella Petrecca
  • Fashion designer, stylist
  • Worked as a designer of the brands GFF Gianfranco Ferrè, Galliano and Extè:
  • Fashion designer for CATBALOU KIDS.
  • Designer of kids wear, women’s and men’s clothes.
  • Since 2015 worked in Rome as the lux segment accessories designer from leather.
  • Works as a freelance consulting designer for companies connected with fashion, advertising and presentation.
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You choose when to begin your studies. After paying for the course, you will receive a password to access the e-learning portal. After that you’re free to choose the time to study whenever you can and wherever you want.

On average, the education process on this course takes up about 3 to 6 months, after which you can become a personal stylist and an image consultant and start to work with clients. However, you may complete the course faster or slower, in accordance to your own schedule.

You can have life-time access to all materials of the course.


All the lessons and practical tests are in English.


The course on how to become a wardrobe stylist and a personal shopper is created for those who never studied or worked in the fashion & style before. No previous experience and education is required. You will follow the course step-by-step from the basics to professional secrets.

You could study “Wardrobe Stylist and a Personal Shopper courses online” as part of our “Professional Image Consultant Courses online” or use it within your existing image consultancy business.


All you need to study is the internet access and a computer/smartphone/tablet. You can watch video lessons (with the English subtitles) and complete home tasks on your computer, phone or tablet at any time and in any place.


  1. You choose the plan of the course in price area and click “Order now”;
  2. We will send you all the details about possible ways of the payment (we accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, bank transfer etc.)
  3. After making a payment, during 1-2 working days, you will receive a password to access the e-learning portal where you can find video lectures, tests and practical projects to begin your studies in the Italian E-Learning Fashion School;
  4. You may watch video lessons, complete practical projects and assignments related to combining styles, colours, clothes and accessories. Any video lesson can be put on pause at any time, and you can review the parts you didn’t understand at first, which is impossible at the on-site course;
  5. At the end of your style course on how to become a personal stylist you should complete the final project on changing the image and style of a real person, which will be evaluated by Italian teachers.


No, to complete this course you don’t need to spend money and time on travelling to Italy.

You can sit at home or in a cafe and study whenever you can and whenever you wish. All lessons of the “Wardrobe Stylist and a Personal Shopper” will be provided online from Milan  the Italian teachers.

After finishing the course, completing practical projects and assignments, the student receives a certificate on completed studies, specifying the topics covered. The certificate is provided in English and Italian languages.

feedbacks ielfs

Nadezhda Pushchayeva, Italy

In the course of training I got, in my opinion, all necessary basic information and a lot of new and useful for work. Very useful comments from teachers! They helped to apply the gained knowledge correctly. I liked the idea and competent approach to work of your team.

feedbacks ielfs

Natalya Resanova, Germany

I was free in time for listening of lectures and performing the tasks, I had an opportunity to return to the earlier listened lectures at any time. There were absolutely no pressure from teachers and the curator concerning home works, I performed them in my rhythm.

feedbacks ielfs

Elena Berkovich, Israel

I was looking for fashion and style courses for a long time, but I was attracted by the Italian school because I wanted to learn the methods of work in Italy. I received great pleasure from studies and teachers, your homework is very serious, because sometimes I had to redo it, the teachers were strict, but fair. .

feedbacks ielfs

Anna Vdovina, Ukraine

I am very glad that I managed to find the Italian E-Learning Fashion School — the first remote European school of fashion, style and image. For me it was the Pandora’s treasure: very interesting, modern and, undoubtedly, practical for my work. For half a year of training I was introduced the new sense in my work and vision of stylistics and photo shooting.

feedbacks ielfs

Albina Bilgi, Turkey

I really like your team of teachers, coordinators answer all the questions quickly during the course. The school supports students even after graduation. Wish to continue over and over again and level up.

feedbacks ielfs

Tatyana Koroleva

I liked that there was a lot of information and it is understandable:  fashion trends, rules for clothes selection. Online form probably is one of the most acceptable forms of learning. You can decide by yourself what time is best for you; you can ask the supervisor for help and get advice.

feedbacks ielfs

Svetlana Serenko

My new profession Wardrobe Stylist is the most interesting, creative and it is very popular nowadays. The education at the Italian school is a new step in my professional life. It was here where I learned all the theoretical foundations, got a new profession, which I dreamed about!

feedbacks ielfs

Daria Karpovich, Belarus

Thanks to all the Italian teachers, I want to continue developing with you. I have satisfied clients, it is your merit. After graduating from the course I know that my life will never be the same again.

feedbacks ielfs

Elena Stepanchyuk, Russia

Everything is very accessible and interesting, teachers are well-known organizers and directors of Fashion shows in Milan.
I decided to learn immediately from the trendsetters all over the world with a lot of experience and history. Coloristics, body types and corrections in color and style of clothing. Teachers are available to explain everything.

feedbacks ielfs

Ekaterina Korotchenko, Ukraine

I wanted to thank all the teachers of the Italian fashion school for the excellent informative training, for the opportunity to be a little closer to the European mentality !!! Excellent basic knowledge, I will continue my studies !!!

Become A Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper

From 14-10 till 21-10 get this course with the 50% discount

From 22-10 the promo won’t be available anymore

Basic version — 399 EUR (all inclusive) – 199 EUR

  • Video lessons
  • Access period to the course – 6 months
  • Partly payment — no

Standard version — 499 EUR (all inclusive) – 249 EUR

  • Video lessons
  • Practical tasks during course
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Evaluation of the final project on changing the image and style of a real person
  • Electronic certificate
  • Access period to the course – 12 months
  • Partly payment3 months, 179 euro per month – 2 parts, 129 euro per month

Premium version — 599 EUR (all inclusive) – 299 EUR

For those who want best results

  • Video lessons
  • Practical tasks during course
  • Evaluation of the home tasks and feedbacks by the teacher
  • Evaluation of the final project on changing the image and style of a real person
  • Original certificate
  • Free mailing of a certificate on your address
  • Seasonal color and fashion trend palette for men’s and women’s clothing
  • Fashion trend report for 1 year (fashion trends in clothing and accessories for men and women)
  • Life-Time unlimited access to the course
  • Partly payment3 months, 209 euro per month – 2 parts, 129 euro per month

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