Perfect jeans pair for every body type

Can you guess what clothes you have in your wardrobe for sure? Try…Of course, this are jeans!
And we may say that a really good pair of jeans is the best decision for a purchase. A proper model of baby blue color is the item that give a good mood, you feel yourself confident and sexy.
But how to find such a pair if youʼre not an owner of the perfect figure?
Our Italian stylists from Milan prepared the perfect choice depending on your figure type. Just take these advices and try on several pairs of jeans during the nearest shopping.

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Apple shape body

You have a volume belly and breast, but slim hips, legs and hands.

Your perfect jeans — flared pair from knees with a low rise.

You may choose models with some decorating and scraps.

Hourglass body shape

You have a proportional figure, a waist/breast/hips are well accentuated.

Your perfect pair – skinny jeans with a high rise.

Rectangle body shape

You have a slim figure, but the waist is not accentuated very well, you need to create volume in the hips area.

To balance this figure you need wide jeans from hips, in spring they may be transformed as cullottes.

Pear body shape

Your hips are wider than the shoulders.

Your perfect jeans – dark flared from the knees models with a high rise.

On the hips area there shouldn’t be any images, details, volume pockets and glitter.

Inverted triangle body shape

Your shoulders are wider than the hips.

Your task – to add volume in the hips area.
The best model for you – boyfriend jeans on a low rise.

Oval body shape

You have a plump figure, but proportional – plump waist, breast, hips, hands, legs.

Your perfect pair – dark boot-cut jeans with a low waist.