Perfect summer dress for each figure type

What is the most popular summer clothing? Of course, it’s a dress.

It is very important to choose the right shape for this item, because in summer it is difficult to hide the imperfections of the body behind the multi-layered clothing.

Italian stylists of our school have chosen the perfect dress for each figure type.

Figure type Apple

You have a little tummy, a large breast, but slim hips, legs and arms.

Your ideal and fashionable dress in summer will be an A-line dress with asymmetrical length (it will shift the focus to slim legs). The length to choose is mini or midi.

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Figure type Hourglasses

Your figure is proportional, a waist, a breast and hips are well accentuated.

Despite the fact that the dresses look good on you, we recommend you a more fashionable option – a fitting and light jumpsuit.

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Figure type Rectangle

You have a slim figure, but the waist is not accentuated well; your task is to create a volume in the breast and hips area so that the waist line appears.

This summer a very trendy dress is the one with a knot – it will add the shape of your chest and create the illusion of a thin waist. Length can be any.

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Figure type Pear

In your figure the hips are wider than the shoulders. Your task is to hide the disproportions here.

The dress that best suits your type of figure this summer is a midi or maxi-length wrapped dress with straps.

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Figure type Inverted triangle

In your figure the shoulders are wider than the hips (the figure of a swimmer).

Your task is to narrow the line of the shoulders and make the figure balanced. The perfect summer dress for your body is a mini or midi A-line dress with an American-style neckline.

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Figure Oval

You have a plump figure, but proportional (full waist, chest, hips, arms and legs).

Your perfect dress is a maxi dress with an open neckline and a waistline under the bust.

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