The perfect coat for your body type: recommendations from Italian stylists

Summer is over and the cold season has come. For many women, it is difficult to look feminine and elegant and feel warm at the same time. The easiest way to keep your elegance in fall or winter is to wear a coat.
It is not so easy to choose the best coat that will accentuate your figure and hide any flaws.
We asked our Italian E-Learning Fashion School’s teacher Antonella Petrecca to tell you about the ideal coats for every body type.

Apple body shape

You have a full belly, large breasts, but slim hips, legs and arms.

The ideal coat for this figure is considered to be a cocoon coat up to the knee or just above the knee. Such a coat will correctly emphasize the volume of the upper body.

Hourglass body type

You have a well-proportioned figure with a well-defined waist, chest and hips.

You can choose any modern coat. A single-breasted coat with a belt will look best on you, it will make you look more feminine.
The second option, which is very trendy this season, is a midi or maxi trench coat.

Rectangle body shape

You have a slim figure, but the waist does not stand out well, your task is to create volume in the chest and hips so that the waist line visually appears.

The best option is a single-breasted coat with an A-line skirt. This coat can be of any length.
The most important thing here is that with the help of a skirt you visually create a line of the waist.

Pear body type

In this figure, the hips are wider than the shoulders. The main task here is to hide the imbalances in the figure.

Your ideal coat is a coat with a fur collar or wide lapels with an A-line skirt.
The second option is a trench coat, which also has wide lapels and an A-line skirt.

Inverted triangle

Women with this body type have wider shoulders than their hips.

You should choose the trend of recent years – an A-line coat of any length.
Thanks to the bottom of such a coat, you will distract attention from the voluminous top of the figure.

Oval body shape

You have a plump figure. The fullness is evenly distributed over the figure (full waist, chest, hips, arms and legs).

Your ideal coat is a cocoon coat below the knee. Remember that the coat in your case must be without a fur collar.