What is a mood board and why a fashion designer needs it

If you like to sew clothes or you dream to create fashion design, then you should know how collections in the most known fashion houses are created.
Any collection of clothes begins not with the searching of fabrics, but with the development of the mood boards.

Today our teacher of the course “Fashion designer” will tell you about the mood board and how to create it on your own.

Any fashion collection starts from creating of a mood board.

What is a mood board?

It may be pictures that inspire you on creation of the future collection:
  • Clothes details
  • Architecture
  • Nature
  • Color combinations
  • Accessories
  • Photos of clothes
  • Fonts
  • Pictures of artists
  • Prints
  • Covers and packings
This a collage that reflects the main idea and atmosphere of clothing collection. At first, you collect what you like and thus visualize the thoughts, and then it develops in your collection!
It is a very important stage in creation of a collection – such mood board are made by Prada, Chanel, Gucci and all others.
Your mood board will help you at all stages. It won’t allow to turn aside and will structure your thoughts (I am sure, you have lots of them)!
You can be guided by it at window dressing, shooting of a look book. Mood board may be created with the help of online programs – have a look at pinterest.com. There are lots of photos that you my use in creation of collages.

Our recommendation: print all the photos you need and hang it over your desktop to have this inspiration behind you. This is how all the famous design houses work.

And one more thing – searching the pictures for a mood board will help you to be aware of all novelties.

To stay always on top it is necessary to constantly watch and learn information, accounts and the fashionable websites as much as possible.