What is the difference between Visual merchandiser and Window display specialist?

What is the difference between visual merchandising and window display?
One of the most popular and good payed professions in fashion is visual merchandiser. The task of a visual merchandiser is to hang clothes in a shop in a best way.
Some people call this profession “Visual Merchandiser”, others “Window display maker” or “Display merchandiser“/
Which is the difference?
Our teacher of online course “Visual merchandiser  will tell you about the difference between a display merchandiser and a visual merchandiser. What are these professions and who to study for if you want to design fashion shops.

Who is a Display merchandiser, Display specialist or a Window dresser?

To begin with, the concept of a window dresser did not appear today. A long time ago, salesmen noticed that if a passerby on the street sees a product in front of him, this forces him to enter the shop and, possibly, buy something. And therefore, special attention was paid to shop windows. The product was given a beautiful presentation and it was put up in front of the store.

Today, a display merchandiser does almost the same thing. This is a specialist who prepare and decorate shop windows. The purpose of his work is to attract the attention of passers-by to the store and make them enter the store.

What exactly does a Window display merchandiser do?

  1. First, the display merchandiser comes up with a theme and story that will be presented in the shop window.
    You can get inspiration from memorable dates, holidays, some countries, elements of art, etc.
  2. Having chosen the theme of the display of goods, the window display merchandiser prepares a design project, controls the organization of the place and the arrangement of light.
  3. Further, the display merchandiser searches for the material and the elements which are necessary for the realization of his idea. He places mannequins in certain poses, gets props, dresses mannequins, adds stickers on glass.

Where does the display merchandiser work?

A display merchandiser can work as a freelancer or as a permanent employee in a clothing retail company.

Also, the store owner himself or the senior seller can be a display merchandiser.

What is the difference between visual merchandising and window display?

Who is a Visual merchandiser/Visual Fashion merchandiser?

A visual merchandiser is more than just a window dresser.

The purpose of visual merchandising is to organize the design in a clothing store so that the buyer wants to buy things.

The window display merchandiser’s task is simply to get a potential customer to enter the store. The visual merchandiser must influence the customer so that he wants to make a purchase.

What does the visual merchandiser do?

  • window dressing and design
  • creating displays in the store
  • hanging assortment inside the store
  • development of a merchandising project
  • he can control the installation and display work
  • if he coordinates the chain of stores, he controls over that the stores look identical
  • his responsibilities also include training sellers how to support invented merchandising

Who can become a visual merchandiser?

  • In this profession, as in the case of a window display merchandiser, a special higher education is usually not required. It is enough to have a certificate of courses as a visual merchandiser.
  • Good taste is also required and art education is a good bonus.

Where does the visual merchandiser work?

What is the difference between visual merchandising and window display?