What lighting to choose for your home: 5 trends of 2022

Lighting is one of the main aspects of interior design. With lighting, you can easily control the atmosphere in your home.

Today we want to share the lighting trends 2022 that you should take note of and apply at your home.

1. Fixtures with brass finish

Brass can be combined with almost any decor – from a modern city apartment to a cozy country house.

Photo source: pinterest.ru/pin/555702041534757944/
Photo source: pinterest.ru/pin/19984792085748655/

2. Minimalistic bathroom lighting

Lighting in the bathroom should be minimalistic so as not to distract from the main design.
It should only complement, but at the same time give enough light.

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Photo source: pinterest.ru/pin/764345368013718906/

3. Geometry and symmetry

Lighting of such forms and different sizes can become both a focal element of your space, and simply an addition to the main interior.
Geometric lamps look very stylish and modern.

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Photo source: pinterest.ru/pin/114912227986057174/

4. Large fixtures to create accents

The purpose of installing large fixtures is to create a wow effect and instantly attract attention. Large pendant lights can be used above a kitchen island, above a dining table or in a foyer, complemented by small lamps to create a pleasing overall look.

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Photo source: pinterest.ru/pin/429671620710958129/

5. Vintage lamps with a modern twist

The combination of vintage and modern elements gives a stunning result. Light in this design will add a unique vibe to your home.

Photo source: https://ru.pinterest.com/pin/61713457385890752/
Photo source: pinterest.ru/pin/361343570114606157/

In the end, we want to add that the best lighting is the lighting that you like and that looks the best in your home!