What shoes to wear with trousers in 2021

Not all trousers look good with certain shoes.
We asked the Italian teachers of our school to show you the most successful combinations of different styles of trousers with various shoes that you can wear this year.

Cropped culottes

Culottes are considered to be one of the most versatile forms of trousers, because the higher hem allows you to create a variety of looks with different types of shoes.

This season, the best option to wear culottes is to add strappy sandals, as the shortened length of the trousers fully emphasizes the intricate straps.
Minimalist mules are also good, especially if you want to visually lengthen your legs.
When it comes to flat shoes, look out for loafers to add sophistication to your outfit.

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Straight fit jeans

Jeans make up the vast majority of everyday looks for the average person, and a straight silhouette is becoming more and more popular.

When it comes to footwear, we think denim works best when paired with pumps.
In the summer, you may want to wear your favorite espadrilles, and it is better to pair them just with jeans, since the tapered legs of such jeans visually compensate for the massive wedges.
Following the same logic, chunky-soled sneakers also look great with straight jeans.

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Wide-leg trousers

In the summer, women often wear wide-leg pants, but when it comes to shoes, they are quite difficult to style.

Recently, we have noticed that people simply wear them with white sneakers and a basic t-shirt.
However, they also work well with open-toed shoes (often closed-toe heels may look awkward due to the billowing fabric of the pants around them).
And, of course, they can be styled with the main summer trend of 2021 – chunky sandals.

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Ankle trousers

What trousers always look sophisticated? – Right, trousers that sit just above the ankle.

Get the most out of your current look with ankle strap heels / sandals or a pair of backless flat shoes.
If you are more into boots, stick to a form-fitting cut that accentuates the slim silhouette created by the trousers.

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