From cowboy boots to layered clothing, this fall is full of new trends, and of course, our first priority is to help you find fabulous looks for fall 2022.

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1. Slouchy Sweater + Maxi Skirt

Agree how cozy and comfortable it is on a cold autumn morning, sitting in a coffee shop, sipping hot chocolate, being dressed in a fashionable combination of a sweater and an elongated skirt. Wear sneakers and a tank top under a sweater for a more casual look.

Photo source: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/425571-pleated-eggshell-oversized-marc-by-marc-jacobs-sweater-off-white-large-dearskin-miu-mi
Photo source: https://www.purewow.com/fashion/april-outfit-ideas

2. Quilted Jacket + Loose-Fit Trousers

Yes, quilted jackets are back in fashion. This look seems like the perfect option for a casual breakfast with friends or for a walk in the park.

Photo source: https://brunetteshavemorefun.ca/2022/03/15/20-ways-to-wear-the-quilted-jacket/
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Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=%2Fp%2FCa9PUexAovm%2F

3. Knitted Vest + Wide-Leg Jeans

Knitted vests are back as a must-have for autumn and winter. This year we see a lot of button-down designs that are usually worn over a long-sleeved top. Also, many people don’t wear anything under the vest, which also looks very stylish. Complete the look with the right accessories and voila! The perfect ensemble is ready!

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.it/pin/170573904628221963/
Photo source: https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman-knitwear-l1152.html

4. Double Denim

Like it or not, double denim is coming back to fashion and will soon become a wardrobe staple.

Photo source: https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman-knitwear-l1152.html
Photo source: https://www.thecoolhour.com/2019/08/fall-2019-denim-trends/
Photo source: https://ru.pinterest.com/pin/4574037113495931/

5. Striped Knit + Midi Skirt

Free and laid-back, but at the same time you can wear it at work and look formal. Complete the outfir with a large bag and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

Photo source: https://www.the-atlantic-pacific.com/2018/09/24/the-colors-of-fall-essie-fall-2018/
Photo source: https://eu.mingalondon.com/products/faye-striped-knit-cardigan

6. Babydoll Dress + Knee-High Boots

Mini-dresses and knee high boots are a combination made in heaven. This image looks very stylish under any conditions. You can wear it at your office, or arrange a photo session against the backdrop of autumn foliage.

Photo source: https://thedarkplum.com/2017/10/how-to-style-over-the-knee-boots/
Photo source: https://styleandwanderlust.com/babydoll-dress-with-boots/

7. Knitted Dress

On cold autumn days, when it is difficult to leave the house, wrap yourself in a cozy knitted dress, and you will immediately feel both the comfort and elegance inherent in this look. Suddenly you want to go outside and take a walk, letting passers-by admire your fabulous outfit.

Photo source: https://www.thecut.com/2016/09/more-of-the-best-street-style-from-new-york-fashion-week.html
Photo source: https://www.pinterest.it/pin/52635889384931612/
Photo source: https://fashiioncarpet.com/miista-alycia-stiefelette/

8. Blazer + T-Shirt

A blazer, jeans and a vintage-inspired T-shirt are perfect for just about any weekend get-together. If you have plans for the day to go shopping or go to a bar, this outfit is a win-win.

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.it/pin/27092035252085348/
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