8 Careers in the Fashion Industry: Choose a Career Right for You

Many people dream to work in a fashion industry. But which profession to choose?
Today we will tell you about 8 careers in the fashion industry: which are  job requirements, salary and career opportunities.

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1. Image Consultant

An image consultant helps people to look and feel their best. You change style, analyse wardrobe, make personal shopping, create outfits for important events for celebrities.

What is doing

An image consultant works mostly as a freelancer with clients. However, you may work in different directions:

  • Image consultations with personal clients (online or offline)
  • Personal shopping with a client (online or in real stores)
  • Work as a stylist-shopper in clothing stores
  • Work as a fashion stylist in advertising and personal shootings
  • Coach stylist: conducting master classes and courses on style (online or in real time)
  • Work as a stylist in online stores
  • Stylist merchandiser for clothing stores
  • Blogger stylist
  • Work as a fashion stylist in magazines (articles, shootings)


The salary of an image consultant depends on his skills and experience, and it can be really huge:

  • for 1 image consultation he can earn 200-650 EUR
  • personal shopping – 400-650 EUR per 8 hours

How to become

In order to become an image consultant, you need to study for at least half a year. In Italian e-learning fashion school you may study at the online course “Certified Image Consultant”

fashion classes online

2. Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper

If you want to work with beautiful things and clothes, with interesting people, earn good money for your job and update your own style, the profession of a wardrobe stylist or a personal shopper is the right choice for you.

What is doing

  • You can make wardrobe analyses, image consultations, personal shopping sessions for real clients.


  • for wardrobe analysis he can earn 150-500 EUR (3-4 hours)
  • personal shopping – 400-650 EUR per 8 hours

How to become

The education for this profession always lasts about half a year. In Italian e-learning fashion school you can study at the “Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper courses online”

3. Fashion Designer

If you want to create your own clothes, if you’ve ever sewn clothes for yourself or for anyone, if you notice details in clothes from stores or on passers-by, the profession of a fashion designer may be right for you.

A fashion designer can work:

  • in the office of a clothing manufacturing company on a regular salary
  • from home or in your own office as a freelance fashion designer
  • create your own fashion brand


A clothing designer can make very good money, despite the conditions.

  • A full-time fashion designer in a fashion company receives an average of 1500-4500 EUR per month.
  • A freelance fashion designer usually gets money for 1 fashion sketch which can cost 100-250 EUR
  • The designer of his personal brand can have a very good sales income – it all depends on the sales volume and the brand’s popularity.

How to become

In order to become a successful fashion designer and a real professional in your field, you need to get an education.

You can get higher education at universities in many countries, but you can also study in Italy online at our Fashion School for half a year. To become a designer, it is not necessary to have any fashion knowledge or sewing skills. You can learn without knowing how to sew or draw.

You can choose one of the options:

1) Course “Fashion Design: for beginners”
2) Course “Fashion Designer” PRO  (if you already have experience in fashion)

After completing your studies in our fashion school, you will create your first fashion collection.

4. Visual Merchandiser

A visual fashion merchandiser — is a person who can transform any clothing store into a fashion boutique with high sales.

You can make consulting in any city where there are clothing shops. If you are a retailer or a shop owner, visual merchandising skills can help you to increase your sales 4-5 times.

What is doing

  • create window displays
  • organize corners in a fashion shop
  • merchandise clothing in a shop
  • creates POS  and Promo displays inside a shop


Visual merchandiser is a well-paid job in any country.

  • If you work freelance 1 hour of  your job can cost 50-100 EUR
  • if you work in a company you can earn 1500-3500 EUR per month

How to become

You can study on online course “Visual Fashion Merchandiser” in Italian e-learning fashion school. The learning process will take you only 3 months, and after that you’ll be able to find a profitable job in any part of the world.

5. Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogger is a new profession, which combines pleasure, art, style and career in the fashion world. Today there are many blogs and sites about fashion and style. These fashion bloggers get invited to a red carpet and to fashion weeks. Prada and Gucci present them their new clothes and accessories. Their outfits are published in fashion magazines around the world.

What is doing

  • make photos of himself in different clothing and publish them in his blog and social nets


Usually fashion bloggers earn 10-50 EUR for one advertising post (if you have more then 100 000 followers you can earn up to 200-400 EUR per 1 post)

How to become

However, in order to become a popular fashion blogger, you need not only luck and writing skills, but also you should require to know how to create and promote a successful fashion blog.

For this, you can study on online  course “Certified Fashion Blogger”. In 3 months you will create your fashion blog and start working.

6. Fashion Journalist

If you enjoy commenting the style of others and different fashion events, if you like to write your thoughts down, the profession of a fashion journalist may suit you the best.

What is doing

A fashion journalist can participate in creation of new issue of a fashion magazine, work as the content journalist for social networks of some companies, work as the video journalist.


  • If you work as a freelancer you will earn 50-200 EUR per 1 article for a fashion magazine
  • if you work in a magazine you can earn 1000-3000 EUR per month

How to become

In order to become a professional fashion journalist, you need not only luck and writing skills, but you should also get education in this field.

For this, you can study on a course “Fashion Journalist” online. During studying you’ll start writing your first articles and get experience.

7. Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist is one of the most interesting professions in fashion today.

What is doing

A fashion stylist creates fashion covers for magazines, organizes fashion-shootings for fashion magazines, organizes and creates style for fashion designer catalogs and lookbooks, creates style for the clothes during fashion shows, creates outfits for brand ambassadors and celebrities, creates style of actors for advertisement, organize fashion-shootings for fashion brands, etc.


The salary for this profession also depends on the type and amount of work and the stylist’s skills.

  • for 1 day of an editorial shooting fashion stylist earns 100-250 EUR
  • for a shooting of lookbook or brand catalog fashion stylist can earn 1000-1500 EUR

How to become

Choose online course “Fashion Stylist”  and you will learn everything you should know about this profession and start your fasion portfolio. You’ll finish the course in 4 months and will be able to work as a fashion stylist.

8. Sartorialist

A sartorialist is a consultant who helps men and women to create bespoke clothes in a tailor shop. He knows fashion, basics of tailor’s art and coordinates process between a tailor shop and clients.

What is doing

  • He opens online tailor shop and helps clients to order tailor clothing in Italy from any city
  • The great advantage of this profession is that you can work whenever you want. You can combine your main job and a part-time job as a sartorialist.


The salary here depends on the amount of orders you’ll have. After studying at our course, you’ll start working with italian company Eligo Milano, which will be paying you 20% for each of your orders (if your clients order only 5 suits per month you can earn 1000 EUR)

How to become

You have a unique possibility to get education for this profession at Italian e-learning fashion school. Choose online course “Sartorialist” and in just 1 month, you will become a certified Sartorialist and will be able to open an online tailor shop in your city.