3 steps how to get full-time employment with good salary as a fashion designer

If you like to create clothes, you have 2 ways: you can open your own fashion brand (that means rather high expenses right at the beginning on production of things and promotion) or to get the full-time employment with good salary in the company as the fashion designer.

And today we will tell you how to make it.

This is the rubric with our teacher of the course “Fashion design” Yulia Kulakova

1 step: to get the education as the fashion designer

For a start you need to graduate from any educational institution. It can be HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, courses of fashion designers (for example, these).

Remember that without training percent of the fact that you will be hired in the design company is very small.
Only if you don’t get a job in the company on acquaintance.

What program does the fashion designer have to know?

The main program that any fashion designer work with in the large companies – Adobe Illustrator. It is necessary for creation of technical sketches, passports of products and work with factories. This program is the standard according to which all international brands and factories of clothes in China, Italy or Russia work.

And the requirement of working with Illustrator here is obligatory for all the vacancies of fashion designers in Europe and the USA.

2 step: define the field you’d like to work in

After you finish the training and decide to get a job in the design company, you have 2 variants:
— 1st — to work in a small design brand as a creative assistant
— 2nd — to work as a technical designer in the large manufacturing company of clothes

What variant it is better to choose:

The creative assistant in fact is the right hand of the chief designer. You will always be in theme and understand how everything works. You will acquire a set of useful skills, such as, tailoring for the individual client, the organisation of fashion shows, shooting for look books.

The technical designer is the one who prepares technical documentation for production, draws technical sketches of clothes, prepares passports of products.

3 step: What’s next? You study the field and now want more

Working as the creative assistant, you don’t receive promotion. You can just become a good friend of the designer — the founder of a brand.

But if you work in the company, you can easily become the leading designer.

Then you may become the design director. Your salary will grow with a position. The design director, for example, can receive today from 2000 to 10 000 euros per a month.

By the way, my way was this:

– the creative assistant in design brand

– the designer of the direction in the manufacturing clothes company

– the leading designer

– the design director

Sometimes designers don’t choose the product managing and go to this direction. But I will tell about it in detail in the next article.