5 dresses you should have in a wardrobe in 2022 according to Italian stylists

A dress should be in every woman’s wardrobe.
However, not every dress looks relevant. There is a big risk of looking old-fashioned in the wrong dress.

Our teachers, Italian stylists, have selected 5 dresses that will be the most trendy in 2022. We recommend that you consider these styles when buying.

1. Knitted dress

Knitted dresses have long been a favorite clothing item among French women during the cold season, but recently they have become even more popular thanks to brands like Nanushka and Jacquemus.

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2. Satin dress

The satin slip dress has been something of a fashion girl’s uniform in recent years, and we’re still wearing them this winter.
You can choose silky midi length models, as well as dresses with spectacular puffy sleeves of any color.

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3. Dark print dress

This dress style is easy to pair with black tights and ankle boots making it one of the most popular wardrobe items for winter.

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4. Black dress

There is no need to say anything here. A black dress is the most versatile item in almost every woman’s wardrobe. It can be either free cut or fitted, of mini or midi length.

We advise you to choose a universal model without unnecessary decorative elements in the form of lace, feathers, etc. But if you want a holiday, you should take a closer look at different textures and materials: velvet, satin, linen, silk.

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5. Oversized silhouettes

Choose dresses with large elements (such as large sleeves, loose skirts, dramatic necklines, etc.).

Top Tip: Such type of dress looks amazing with very chunky boots.

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