5 signs that you should become a fashion designer

In the fashion world, one of the most desirable professions is the fashion designer. But one thing is to desire, and another is to answer the real question – will you be able to create clothes?

We offer you to test yourself: we have collected 5 signs which will prove that a career in fashion design is really suitable for you.

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1. You always dress not like everyone else

Fashion designers are always one step ahead of the rest of the people in terms of how they dress. Some fashionistas sew their own clothes, while others change what they buy in stores. Some people are looking for unusual things in commission shops or vintage stores to create unique looks. If you are one of those people who like to constantly change their haircut or select tops suitable for earrings, a career in fashion design is for you.

2. You are subscribed to different fashion brands, like to consider clothes, even if you are not going to buy it

If you constantly watch online websites about fashion, if you are subscribed to the accounts of fashion brands and fashion bloggers on Instagram. If you are a frequent visitor of clothing stores or online stores, even if you are not going to buy anything, that means fashion is your passion. And this is one of the most important signs of a beginner fashion designer.

3. You have always been good at creativity

Many beginner fashion designers, before going through a fashion design training program, engage in other creative work. This can be sewing, knitting, drawing, style, floristics, etc. If you think that you are a creative person or you are constantly interested in different sort of DIY, you can succeed in the career of a designer.

4. When you were a child, you made clothes for dolls or you had your personal fashion shows

If you have been dressing others since childhood, a career in fashion design is closer to you than you think. Perhaps in your childhood you sewed clothes for dolls or painted outfits for paper dolls.

Or maybe you liked to dress up or dress your sister and arrange a fashion show for your parents?

All this is a good sign that you have been interested in fashion and fashion design for a long time.

5. People come to you to get fashionable tips or ask you to lend your wardrobe.

Beginner fashion designers often have large and trendy wardrobes.

If friends and family come to you for help in choosing an outfit, if others dream of getting your wardrobe, this means that you know fashion pretty well. If you are constantly helping your loved ones to choose clothes, and you are also able to gather a person for an important event in a short time, the people around you will soon recognize your talent.