Everything you need to know if you decided to become a fashion stylist

What does a fashion stylist do? In short, he makes styling for fashion shootings.
However, fashion shootings are always completely different, and the tasks of a fashion stylist may be various.

Today we will tell you how the fashion shoots differ, what they are.

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Based on the thesis that fashion is about the fashion world, it is logical to assume that fashion shooting is a shooting of fashion and all that surrounds the mentioned phenomenon.
That is, the content of glossy magazines, as well as fashion online news outlets.

However, if you look closely, you will see that the content of Vogue, Harperʼs Bazaar, Elle and other recognized leaders in the world of fashion is far from uniform. What will we see there? – The entire photo content of these publications can be divided into two large groups: Commercial and Editorial.

Commercial is some advertising information placed for money. It has become so familiar and natural that no one is already surprised why 15-20% of the entire magazine are advertising pages and spreads dedicated to specific brands: Valentino, Gucci, Versace, Dior, Chanel and others.

Another part of the magazines consists of Editorials. This is an editorial information devoted to current events and trends in the fashion world.


If we are talking about companies that produce and advertise fashion items (clothes, accessories, jewelry, perfumes, etc.), they conditionally divide their content into image and catalog content.

  • Image photos are designed to convey attractive images and the desired mood to the reader.
    Today they also make image video shoots, where the fashion stylist also works as a dresser.
  • Catalog photos have a purpose: to clearly show exactly the features of the product, shape, style, material, color options and more.
    You can easily find all this in every fashion periodical.

In addition, the stylist is often invited to shoot advertisement and banners of designer companies.
A stylist receives a much higher payment for commercial shooting than for shooting for magazines. Editorial Photography is more like a PR for a stylist.

Editorial content has a very wide coverage. This can be photos from shows, socialites, or the genre of Street Style that has gained popularity recently. The most attractive editorial photographs are the result of professional production shootings, including those that you see on the covers of magazines.

Such shootings take place in exotic corners of the world, in original interiors, sophisticated scenery or, which is quite common, in the studios. The plot, looks and the mood of the shooting are determined by the magazine team.

Organization of fashion shooting

In order to get a good level result, each participant in fashion shooting should do his own thing and focus on his personal area of ​​responsibility.
Often they try to separate creative tasks from organizational ones, because they require various qualities and skills from performers.

There is a special person who is responsible for the preparation, it is a producer.
His tasks: to find a suitable place and props, to collect the best team for this case and to coordinate the details of the creative process, taking into account the interests of both the performers and the editorial staff of the periodical.
In practice, this is far from smooth and simple.

Why is a fashion stylist needed?

One of the main principles of any fashion shooting is a thorough study of the image. Here the creativity and professionalism of the fashion stylist is manifested.
Fashion shoots require attention to detail: creating hairstyles, makeup, choosing clothes and accessories (making up a look), choosing the right model.

All this is necessary so that the image is harmonious, interesting and attractive.

A fashion stylist finds clothing stores and takes clothes to shoot there.