8 ways how to look chic and expensive this spring without spending big money

Any good stylist will tell you: “To look expensive and trendy, you absolutely do not need to spend a lot of money.”
There are special tricks on how to create premium looks with minimal budget and effort.

The Italian stylists of our school have compiled for you 8 outfit formulas for this spring.

1. Try a Camel color

Camel beige is everywhere: in the social media feed and on the city streets. And this color looks especially advantageous in spring and autumn.
Our favorite way to wear this shade is to pair a few basic pieces like a coat, trousers and a sweater all together for a total look. However, clothes in this shade can always be worn separately.

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2. Choose extra-large bags

Extra-large bags have dominated the runways and top fashionistas are already favoring them, which tells us that they are a key trend to be aware of in 2022.
However, there is something luxurious about large leather shoppers – they attract the eye of passers-by and give your look a sense of rigor and elegance.

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3. Choose leather

Leather (and its eco-friendly alternatives) just screams money. This is because genuine leather is visually rich, but leather lookalikes are also produced so well now that they have become a great material to make you look expensive on a budget.

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4. Try a relaxed silhouette

This may seem illogical, as sharp tailoring is usually associated with a luxurious outfit, but when done right, relaxed and spacious silhouettes can have just the same effect.
To create lightness in the image, choose light fabrics and oversized voluminous items.

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5. A big blazer will always come to the rescue

Whether you spend $50 or $500 on it, the large oversized blazer will single-handedly adorn whatever you wear it with. It’s true, with jeans of any color or over a mini dress, it’s the one thing that will do the job for you.

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6. Match all your skirts with high boots

The world will never get tired of knee high boots because of their uncanny ability to unify an image. We advise you to choose leather pairs with a structured shaft that stand without slipping. No matter which skirt you wear – mini or midi, they will simply perfectly emphasize your elegance.

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7. Total monochrome

Monochrome outfits are probably the quickest and easiest way to look rich and elegant. And while the exact color you choose to wear doesn’t always matter, neutral colors tend to capture that sublime vibe best.
We love pairing strong basics like a button-down shirt and jeans with a simple slicked back hairstyle. It’s simple, but very chic.

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8. Throw a long coat over your top

Outerwear doesn’t just complete your look—sometimes the whole look doesn’t work without a coat, and for that reason, long, ankle-length coats are the best. They will make one chic silhouette. To enhance the effect, you can opt for a blazer-style coat.

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