Fashion trends footwear: most trendy shoes of this summer

Shoes are the part that complete the image, sets the final accent. Often, it is the part that forms the impression of the whole look.

Marilyn Monroe ones said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.

Properly chosen shoes can even fix shortcomings of the silhouette, add harmony and make the owner of the outfit taller and slimmer.

Let’s talk about one of this season’s shoe trend!

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You’ll never guess what shoes are the most fashionable this summer. So, it is…..slippers, more precisely, about their numerous variations. Honestly, it is not a completely new trend.  Back in the pandemic, sales of convenient Birkenstock and crocs soared.

But this trend seemed to reach it’s peak this season. At the show The Row Pre-Fall 2024, the Olsen sisters hinted that hotel slippers are now suitable for the street with raincoats and windbreaker.

Knitted loafers appeared in the JW Anderson’s brand collection (according to his words, his grandmother wore similar ones at home).

About that time we observed leather slippers in the same style on the Miu Miu runaway. The brand’s models looked as if they were in a hurry for a dinner party and run out of the house, forgetting no only to iron the dress, but also to change their shoes.

Loafer and clogs made of soft suede by Loewe.

Even the romantic Simon Rocha couldn’t resist: the designer recently released a collaboration with Crocs. Basically, slippers are new sneakers.

Brands are also urging man to change their formal shoes to house ones. For example, Prada suggests mixing house shoes with formal suits. And Loro Piana – with good-guality coats and warm socks.

Flats are a kind of comfortable slippers. They are confidently staying on list of trends for the third spring in a row and are going to hold this position. At the time of their return fashionistas previously favored mainly classic models with rounded cape and a touching bow on it, now the number of models increased significantly, so as the choice.

Besides the trendy pairs of flats with a pointed and squared cape, half-transparent mesh flats have appeared In the fashion arena. One look at the photos of the main fashionistas of the world is enough to understand that mesh flats can be worn with literally any clothes. Many people prefer combining fashionable flats with feminine romantic looks.