How to combine incongruous clothes and look perfect

If you want to dress up fashionable and not usual, then you surely should use the mix&match technique and to combine incongruous styles in one set.

We asked the Italian stylists to tell how in the world of fashion to make an image in which are well combined several opposite styles.

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Combine incongruous things using mix&match technique

Today in the world of fashion mix&match is very popular. You combine clothes and accessories in one set in different styles — romantic, classical, sport, rock.

For example, you combine rock boots with an evening skirt and a satin top.
Essence of mix&match — to combine accessories and clothes so that at you get something new and unusual.

How to combine incongruous things

There are many different variants of how you will combine clothes and accessories from different styles, but we will tell you about one easy way:

You make a clothes set in one style and you add only one item of clothing or an accessory in other style. It is important that this one element is cardinally differed from the main style. It should be bright and noticeable.


Right: you make a set in classical style (a trouser suit and a blouse) and as an accent add sport sneakers.

So you have the set with 2 incongruous styles: sport and classical style are considered as opposite to each other, i.e. they are incongruous in the point of view of stereotypes.

Wrong: you create a set in classical style (a classical jacket, a bag, shoes) and add denim from casual style. In this case casual and classic style aren’t opposite to each other, so the contrast is not very big. The image would look good, but it won’t be original and fashionable.