How to work as a stylist – learn more about your dream career

Do you dream of working with glamorous Hollywood celebrities and models? Do you love stylish people? If your answer is yes, then a career as a personal stylist is definitely something that suits you.

Today the Italian teachers of our school will tell you a little more about this profession.

What does a stylist do?

The work of a personal stylist is the same as the work of an image consultant. Professional personal stylists provide fashion tips to help clients move in the right direction. They will talk about how to create your perfect wardrobe, what accessories will complement a particular set of clothes, what colors will suit the client, and much more.

A personal stylist will help you add elements of the latest fashion trends to your usual wardrobe, while all selected images will suit a particular client based on his personal preferences and appearance.

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Who orders the services of an image consultant?

Personal stylists are needed for those who want to change their style, create a harmonious and complete image.
But if you really want to understand how to work as a stylist, it is important to consider that it is not only about glamor and communication with media personalities. After all, the fashion world is a demanding industry, therefore, in order to withstand rather tough competition, it is important to persistently go towards your goal.

Who orders the services of a stylist:

  • VIPs, famous politicians, artists
  • Ordinary people: women and men who want to look pretty
  • Stores and supermarkets that employ stylists as personal shoppers for their clients
  • Online clients who want to tidy up their wardrobe but don’t want to meet a stylist in person
  • Fashion houses and designer brands when they want to understand how fashionable their collection is, or when they want to take a photo of their clothes

What are the responsibilities of a stylist?

So, here are some of the responsibilities that you should be familiar with if you want to understand how to work as a stylist:

  • teach the client to understand what suits him, choose clothes on his own
  • conduct a full analysis of the client’s image, find the styles that suit him
  • give useful advice on style – what clothes, shoes, accessories are suitable for him
  • help the client choose suitable wardrobe items and mix them correctly with accessories
  • select clothes, shoes, accessories and everything you need that will best match the personal parameters of the client.

We can definitely say that the profession of a personal stylist is very rewarding. You help people find their new image, you get pleasure from it and, of course, monetary rewards.

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How to work as a stylist – what is important

Experience is the main value for a professional in his field, therefore, at the very beginning, you need to make every effort. A good starting point can be called work in a retail sales network, because a personal stylist is engaged in his own promotion, which means that he must be well versed in the internal kitchen.

When hiring interns, the employer pays attention to the following personal qualities of candidates:

  • high communication skills
  • ability to work with clients of different ages, status, initial data
  • excellent sense of style and ability to choose colors correctly
  • good orientation in constantly changing trends
  • ability to convince
  • experience in retail, design, image creation, knowledge in the field of cosmetology

So if you want to understand how to work as a stylist, all this needs to be borne in mind.

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What is the stylist’s salary?

Personal stylists with a constant stream of clients earn 100-650 euros a day in Europe and the USA. Those who work with celebrities can get 3-4 times more. Moreover, one hour of personal shopping costs 50-200 euros.

But in order to understand in practice how to work as a stylist, you need to constantly practice, improve your skills and not miss the opportunity to develop in this interesting profession!