Rustic style in the interior of a house or apartment: what it looks like and how to create

There is a style in which they like to decorate country hotels, villas and country houses. This style is especially loved in Europe.
And this is a rustic style.

Today the Italian teachers of our school will tell you about this style in detail.

Rustic style in the interior is ideal for a country house, summer house or cottage.
In terms of the atmosphere, this is something like a return to the past, a desire to convey natural rough beauty.

Color palette in the interior

So, for the rustic style the following colors will look organic:

  • shades of brown clay, gray stones, dry grass, woody
  • 2-3 shades are used + bright accents
  • white and beige colors
  • for textiles prints in tartan, floral and plant motifs

Speaking about the rustic style in the interior, it is also important to indicate the main features in the following categories:


  • natural materials
  • basic materials: untreated wood and unpolished stone
  • stained glass
  • steel, bronze, forged elements
  • pieces of furniture and décor made of leather
  • checkered textiles


  • kerosene lamps
  • chandeliers with candles
  • ceiling lights on a long cord
  • woven wicker lampshades


  • wooden floor (laminate, parquet, roughly finished boards and slats)
  • usually darker than the ceiling
  • rough wood planks

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