Simple way how to combine colors in Interior Design

Today we will talk about how to choose the right colors for the interior of any room.
So, let’s say you decide to make home renovations. Or you open a beauty salon/shop/cafe and think about how to choose the right color scheme.
Our Italian teacher of the course “Interior Design and Decoration: PRO” – architect and interior designer Daniele DʼAiuto from Milan will tell you about an easy way.

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“So you are looking for a beautiful color combination for a room, but you don’t know how harmonious it will be?
You need to choose any painting by famous artists that you like.
Take the color scheme from this picture (3-4 colors, no more, since it is difficult for beginner interior designers to work with a large number of colors) and just transfer it to your room.
All famous artists have a great sense of color harmony, so their color combinations will always look great. “

An example is shown below: you see a famous painting by Van Gogh. We take 3 colors from it and transfer the palette to the living room.

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