What does a fashion stylist do?

One of the most popular professions in the fashion industry today is a fashion stylist.

Surely you have heard of such a profession, but not everyone knows what the fashion stylist actually does.

Today we want to tell you more about this profession and how it may suit you.

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So, who’s a fashion stylist?

Ideally a fashion stylist creates the looks we see in the magazines or clips. His/her works may be as with individuals, also with different brands and fashion houses.

Fashion stylist tells how to create this or that look, prepare outfits for models or, for example, actors, also the other equipment that should be used.

And how it’s going in reality?

Styling on the magazine shootings

The main task here for a stylist – to choose the appropriate clothes, right accessories – create the needed look in all the details. Of course working with the magazine, for example, he/she is guided by the art director about the theme of the shooting and other moments as what should be featured.

Here all the team works (photographer, hair stylist, make up artist and so on). After the approval of the concept by the team, when photographer understands the task, the stylist may choose all the elements of the images and prepare to the day of the shooting.

What the stylist usually uses to get inspired? These are look books, PR agencies, showrooms, different boutiques. The last step – to contact with them for collaboration. Working with the stores the stylist needs to leave a deposit, or even pay for the item and then get a refund after returning.

On the shooting day the stylist checks if everything is ready – the models should be dressed in the proper way and all the equipment prepared. Styling also includes a “style” of the outfits: the upper part comes down from the shoulder, the shirt is half tucked in and so on. There are no unimportant elements.

Stylist as a brand consultant

Such position may be partial, when the stylist is involved in the process only closer to the end, but some brands hire such specialists to help during the whole time of creation of a collection. He/she will work according to the given materials – the given ideas, sketches, the research that was made. So the stylist provides the ideas and gives the inspiration to the whole team.

Mostly the stylist gets involved when most of the clothes are designed. The task here – to make the looks on the catwalks completed. Also it will be required to make styling for the photoshoot to represent the collection.

The other field – Celebrity styling

A stylist can work with celebrities, for example, for special occasions, as well as at shootings for magazines, adverts. And, of course, the specialist should take into account different aspects – collaborations with brands, current trends, what message is going to be given to the audience. This area is not simple to get into actually, the competition is very high.