Why fashion designers create unwearable clothes

Surely you have seen on the Internet photos of very strange clothes that cannot be worn: huge hats; shorts worn over the head; too oversized jackets; square dresses…

All this is called avant-garde or conceptual fashion.

Why is such clothes needed, why do designers create unwearable clothes?
All this will be told by the teacher of the course “Fashion Designer” Yulia Kulakova at our fashion school.

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Often, many are not serious about avant-garde or conceptual fashion.

“And how and who will wear such clothes at all?”

Why do we need concept fashion?

When designers create these “weird” clothes, they don’t expect you to wear them to work. It is exactly from conceptual ideas that are not particularly applicable to life and that look strange the New Trends begin.

Imagine that such clothes are concentrated syrup. It can be diluted with water and then it will already be a fashion applicable to life. Such clothes have an impact on fashion.

Let’s give an example: take skinny jeans.

Surely you have or at least once had skinny jeans in your wardrobe. It’s hard to imagine, but as soon as they appeared for the first time on the runway of several designers at once, everyone mocked them. But soon they became a “must have” and are now the base in many wardrobes.

Unwearable clothing as a piece of art

Often avant-garde fashion is a work of contemporary art.

Contemporary art reacts to what is happening in the world and makes the viewer think. It is the same in fashion – conceptual ideas always carry some kind of thought. It is not necessary that someone will wear such clothes. Such avant-garde things are kept in museum collections.

The combination of conceptual and ordinary things in one collection

There are designers who do not consider fashion to be art.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Miuccia Prada said, “Art is meant to express ideas and vision. My job is to sell. And I really like it.”

In the collections of designers, it often happens that there are conceptual “non-wearable” things, and things that are more familiar to us. The conceptual clothing, as it were, sets the main theme and idea. And this idea is developed and repeated in things that can be worn.

In the Fashion Designer course at our fashion school, we teach students how to create such collections, make them whole and fit trends into them. Students create their collections in different styles.