5 must have trends we’ll all be wearing this fall-winter 2019/2020

The autumn is closer and closer, so it’s time to renew the wardrobe and to add new fashionable things. Don’t you want to look old-fashioned, do you? And if you also work in the sphere of fashion and style, then you have to be aware of the most relevant fashion trends of this season. The Italian stylists from Milan – our teachers – chose for you the hottest trends of this season which have to be in your wardrobe.

How to Dress to Look Thinner

Every woman always wants to get rid of a few extra pounds even if she's totally ok.
To look slimmer it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with fitness and diets. You just need choose your clothes according to some rules.
The Italian stylists of our fashion school will tell you today how to dress properly to look thinner.

Fashion Retail Merchandising Tips and Tricks

Often the owners of clothing stores ask us how to arrange the store properly inside and how to hang things in the best way.
Should I hang skirts, shirts, and jackets separately? Or maybe it is better to range clothes by color?
Today the Italian teacher of the course “Visual Merchandiser“ Riccardo Carrapa will tell how to design a clothing store, to create corners and whether it is worth hanging clothes by color.

Who may become a Wardrobe Stylist?

Are you thinking about trying yourself as an image making stylist?
Today we will tell you about the 2 most important qualities that are needed by anyone who wants to work in this sphere.

5 Rules How To Wear Pastel Colors This Summer

Pastel colors are the best choice for a summer wardrobe.
They can make an image elegant, romantic and sophisticated.
However, it is important to know how to mix pastel colors properly and what shades suits you more.
Italian stylists of our fashion school prepared for you 5 rules - how to wear and combine pastel colors this summer to make you look stylish and trendy.

Careers in Fashion Journalism: Job Options and Requirements

If before only those who live in large cities such as New York or London could be fashion journalists, now it's available living in absolutely any small town online.
Today we will talk where to learn becoming a fashion journalist and what the salary may be earned here. 

How to create clothes: lesson of fashion design

The task of each fashion designer is to create new clothes and find new styles. But how to do it?
Today the teachers of our online course "Fashion designer" will tell how designers create clothes step-by-step.

Fashion Stylist Career Guide

Fashion stylist is one of the most popular professions in the fashion world.
Today we will tell everything about this profession: how large is the salary and where the fashion stylist can work.

How to Plan a Fashion Store Layout: zones

In any clothing store there are hot and cold zones, which differently affect the behaviour of buyers.
If in a hot zone clothes has a great success then in cold zones things will hang on hangers for months, and they will not be interesting to anyone.
In this lesson on visual merchandising we will tell you about where these zones are located and how to design them to make the clothing store receiving a profit.

The Perfect Shorts for Your Shape

Shorts are essential for summer wardrobe, but let's be honest - sometimes it's very difficult to find your pair, it's not a secret.
But if you have some doubts, today we'll help you with it.
Follow our recommendations and you'll choose your perfect shorts to hide the parts you want to hide and show the better sides of your figure.