8 color combinations that will make your home more attractive

Any designer will tell you that color in the interior is of great importance. It can tell a lot about the owners of the house, its history, as well as about the mood.
Therefore, the choice of color for furniture, decor and interior as a whole is a very responsible task.

Today our teachers, interior designers, will talk about color combinations that will make your home more attractive and inviting.

5 spheres in fashion design where every fashion designer can work

If you want to become a fashion designer, you need to decide what kind of clothes you will create. The whole world of fashion today is divided into 5 areas, ranging from cheap mass-market (like H&M) to super-expensive exclusive items from Gucci.

Today we will talk about these 5 spheres where you can try yourself as a fashion designer.

How to decorate a living room in Scandinavian style

The best way to design a living room in Scandinavian style is to add texture and layering. You can do this by using natural materials such as sisal rugs, wicker baskets, and richly textured wood, as well as adding rough wraps, faux fur, and linen in matching shades.

Here are some more design tips for you.

How to look expensive and stylish: 8 color combinations

It goes without saying that now people may have different ideas about what makes an outfit “cheap” or “expensive”. But one thing we know for sure: the price of a thing does not always determine how it will look on you.

It’s easy for women to fall into the “more is better” trap. It is believed that expensive designer items guarantee the success of the outfit and the perfect picture, but this is not the case. Often the simplest things can make your outfit more aesthetically pleasing, and today our teachers, Italian stylists, will tell you how you can look expensive and stylish with the help of beautiful color combinations.

How to use colors in the interior: 4 must-know rules

Choosing a color palette for the interior of a room is always a difficult process.

Today our teachers, interior designers, offer you 4 important rules that you can follow when choosing a color scheme for your home.

7 ways how to combine colors in your summer wardrobe 2022

With the onset of summer, it is difficult for many women to part with cold colors and warm clothes from the winter wardrobe. But in summer, you just need to add colors to brighten the mood.

Our Italian stylist teachers invite you to try these unique trendy color combinations for summer 2022.

How to choose the right mannequin for a clothing store

Mannequins are often called silent shop assistants because they attract customers and make them enter the store.
However, how effectively mannequins can generate such sales depends on many factors.

The teachers of our school make a list of tips which will help you make the right choice of mannequins based on your needs.

Interior design trends in 2022

With the onset of the summer season, new trends in fashion and design come into our lives.

Increasingly, an apartment is not only a cozy space for relaxation and solitude, but also an office space for remote work. Therefore, it is important to properly organize the space, adding appropriate decor.

Today we want to tell you about the latest trends in interior design in 2022.

How to wear jewelry: 5 classic and trendy rules

Every look needs accessories to complete it, but how do you choose the right one?
The right jewelry can complete your look perfectly. And if you choose them incorrectly, they can ruin even the most beautiful outfit, and there is a risk of looking awkward and unprofessional.

There are 2 ways to wear and combine jewelry - the classic version and the fashionable version. You can choose one of the options based on the purpose of your outfit.
Our Italian stylists have compiled for you a selection of how to wear jewelry today.

How to upgrade your wardrobe in 2022

One of the most common problems that women turn to stylists for is:
“In my wardrobe, all things are of the same type, I'm afraid to experiment. How to look more stylish and fashionable?

We asked the Italian stylists of our school to compile a guide of 9 ways to diversify and renovate a monotonous wardrobe in just 5 minutes.