The Most Popular Skirt Trend of 2020

A skirt is a basic part of any woman's wardrobe.

Today we will tell you about which skirt is considered the most fashionable this year. Such skirt should definitely be included in your wardrobe if you want to look trendy and stylish.

How to display scarves: merchandising tips

According to statistics, the more clothes and accessories are unusually designed and presented, the higher its sales. Therefore, when designing a fashion store, you should always look for original and unusual ways of merchandising. 

Today we'll show you merchandising ideas for scarves and shawls. How they can be hung in an unusual way in a store to attract new buyers.

Which coat to choose in the season 2020-2021 – top 10 trends

What outerwear will make your look more feminine, elegant and expensive?
No doubt this is a coat.
In the fashion world, it is believed that a coat is the №1 thing in a wardrobe for autumn/winter season.
We asked the Italian stylists of our school to show 10 types of coats that should be worn this season to look stylish and trendy.

What you should know to be a fashion designer

Do you dream of working as a fashion designer? But do not know what are the requirements for fashion designers now?
We asked our school teachers, practicing designers and fashion designers, to talk about what you need to know and be able to become a fashion designer.

4 ways to become a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

Are you good at matching accessories to your outfits? Do you follow fashion trends? Are you always up to date with news in the fashion world? Do you think you could choose outfits for other people? If you answered yes to all of the questions, you may be interested in becoming a personal stylist. There are many different ways to start a stylist career.

Not everyone has the time and opportunity to go somewhere to study, so we will tell you about 4 ways how you can become an image consultant without leaving your home.

10 reasons why you should become a Fashion Stylist

Do you know that fashion stylist is one of the most in-demand professions at the moment? And it's perfectly understandable why.
There are so many pluses here - you can fully create and work in fashion. You create outfits that will be admired and imitated.

Today we want to tell you about a fairly new profession in the fashion world, in which we would recommend you to try yourself - this is a fashion stylist.

How to dress stylish on a budget this autumn

Learn to style your existing clothes in a new way, and you will save time and money. Some items in your wardrobe may look new and fresh again if you just style them differently.

We asked the Italian teachers of our school to show 5 ways to wear your usual clothes in a fashionable and unusual way this autumn.

How to match colors in clothes this fall

Autumn is the time to update your wardrobe and start combining your usual clothes in a new way.
We asked our teachers, Italian stylists from Milan, to show you unusual color combinations in clothes that will be trendy this autumn and will help transform your style to a new fashion level.
We are sure that you have not tried matching colors in your wardrobe in this way.

The perfect trendy dress for every body type

Autumn is almost here, which means it's time to update your wardrobe. And, of course, a dress is an obligatory part of any woman's wardrobe in the fall season.
We asked the Italian stylist and our teacher Antonella Petrecca to show the ideal dresses for every body type of women this fall.
You will learn which dress suits you best, based on your figure and current fashion trends this season.