Free ways how to become a fashion designer

Today we will tell you how you can train and master your fashion design skills absolutely free on your own, regardless of whether you have experience as a fashion designer or starting from scratch.

So, if you feel that the profession of a fashion designer is your true purpose, read the following instructions from our teachers.

What shoes to wear with trousers in 2021

Not all trousers look good with certain shoes.

We asked the Italian teachers of our school to show you the most successful combinations of different styles of trousers with various shoes that you can wear this year.

How to wear a bra this summer

Bra tops are a very popular trend for the summer of 2021, which will not be ignored by any fashionista.

When styled right, bra tops work for almost any occasion (even huge events). They can help you style up casual jeans and sneakers or add some spice to a classic suit.
Whether you're rocking a romantic lace piece or a more minimal bra, here are some ways to style a bra top that will take your outfit to the next level.

Qualities of a successful personal stylist

Recently, our Italian E-Learning Fashion School has received a letter from one of the subscribers. He asked: “Can anyone become an image stylist? Or should a person have some special qualities to work in this area?"

We asked the Italian teachers of our school to tell us about the two most important qualities that should be in someone who wants to become a stylist.

3 main rules how to mix prints this summer

Do you want to update your wardrobe and look unusual?
If you're ready to experiment with your favorite clothes, there is a very simple way to do it: just try combining prints in one look!

Today our teachers will tell you about 3 main rules for mixing different prints for this season.

How to find inspiration for creating a fashion collection

Very often, beginner fashion designers are faced with the following problem: they do not know how to create clothes that will be fashionable, stylish, which no one else has made before.

Today we'll show you how to find inspiration to create your own collection clothes.

French inspired looks from Paris

Paris is one of the cities where trends are born.
Bloggers, stylists and designers from all over the world come here for inspiration. Here, on the streets of the city, you can find a lot of interesting ideas for wardrobe.

We want to show you 6 trends that are relevant in Paris this summer. We advise you to apply them in your wardrobe to look fashionable and stylish this season.

Perfect summer dress for each figure type

What is the most popular summer clothing? Of course, a dress.
It is very important to choose the right shape for this item, because in summer it is difficult to hide the imperfections of the body behind the multi-layered clothing.
Italian stylists of our school have chosen the perfect dress for each figure type.

Visual fashion merchandising: the rule of 3

Looking at some shop windows of clothing stores, you probably noticed how well-thought-out clothes are hung, so that you just want to buy them. To achieve this effect, special visual merchandising techniques are used.   
Today, the teacher of our course “Visual Fashion Merchandiser” will talk about the “Rule of 3”, how you can drive up sales of any clothing store using visual merchandising.

If you have your own clothing store or want to work as a visual merchandiser, this lesson will be very useful for you.