Who is a freelance fashion designer and how much does he earn?

If you decide to become a fashion designer, you have 2 ways - to open your own clothing brand (this is if you have a budget for the collection) or work for design companies. One of the most popular trends for all beginner designers today is to start working as a freelance designer.
Today we will talk about what you will do as a freelance designer, how much you will be paid for it, and what you need to know to be hired in fashion brands.

Ways to Present Shoes in a fashion store

Do you have a store selling shoes? Do you want to work as a visual merchandiser?
Then you need to have a good understanding of how to present shoes in the store.
Today our teacher of the online course “Visual Fashion Merchandiser” will talk about several ways to present shoes in a store so that they sell well and attract attention.

5 trendy ways how to wear scarf this winter

Can you guess what winter thing is 100% in every wardrobe for men and women?
You're right, it's a scarf!
We asked the Italian teachers of our fashion school to talk about how to wear scarves this winter to look fashionable and modern.

1st IELFS Fashion Magazine

We are happy to present you the first issue of our magazine. It's created by our students and graduates and also by people interested in fashion. We won't stand still and we'll publish the magazines like this one. If you want to take part in creating our journal, you can work with us as a journalist, just drop us a line. In these pages we'll talk about the fashion world in general and about the fashion in different countries separately.

How to match tie and shirt

We want to share with you a check list on how to combine ties and shirts in a men's wardrobe. Save it and use it!

How to dress mannequins in a shopping store: merchandising lessons

According to statistics, clothes worn on a mannequin are sold 70% better than which are simply hung in the store.
However, there are clothes that should be presented on mannequins, and there are clothes that will never increase sales. Today, the teacher of the online course “Visual Merchandising” Ekaterina Kulakova will talk about what things should and should not be put on mannequins in a clothing store so that they increase sales.

How to choose the right length of clothes

We are often asked what the perfect length of skirts and dresses should be.
There is an ideal length of clothes “golden section”, which will look best on the body shape of a woman in terms of the harmony of the composition.
We offer you a mathematical formula on how to calculate the ideal length of skirts, dresses and tops for your height.

How the typical designer’s day is organised?

It is always interesting to find out what people in fashion professions actually do and how their usual working day goes. The teacher of our course “Certified Fashion Designer” and a working fashion designer, Julia Kulakova, will talk about how the working day of a clothing designer is organised.

Visual Merchandising: cute way to display scarves

According to statistics, the more extraordinary clothes in the store are presented, the higher are the sales.
Therefore, when decorating a fashion store, you should always look for original and unusual ways of merchandising.
Today we show you the ideas of merchandising the scarves. How can they be hung in an unusual way in a store to attract attention of the buyers?