How to become a luxury brand designer

In the fashion world all clothes are divided into different segments.
Luxury brands are considered the most desirable and expensive.Surely you've heard about brands such as Chanel, Prada or Gucci, whose things are worth fabulous money.
And, of course, very many novice designers dream of producing such luxury items.However, this is not easy - luxury items are made with a completely different quality than in the economy segment, and therefore to the forefront of the designer is the question of finding a good production (studio, factory, workshop), who can turn all your ideas into reality.
Today Yulia Kulakova, a teacher in our school of the course “Fashion designer”will give you detailed instructions on how to become a premium segment designer and where you can produce such things.

How to become a visual fashion merchandiser

Surely you have heard that there is such a profession in the fashion world as a visual fashion merchandiser or shop window designer.
These are people who can in an hour turn any clothing store into a glamorous boutique and raise its profit 3-4 times.
Today we want to tell you in detail what a shop window merchandiser actually does and how well this profession is paid in different countries.

Perfect summer dress for each figure type

Just a little bit and the long-awaited summer will come. And what is the most popular summer clothing? Of course, a dress.
It is very important to choose the right shape for this item, because in summer it is difficult to hide the imperfections of the body behind the multi-layered clothing.
Italian stylists of our school have chosen the perfect dress for each figure type.

How Much Does It Cost To Produce Clothing?

We are often asked by the beginning clothing designers - how much money is needed to produce their collection?
What is the cost of one designer thing?
What is the budget needed to sew a collection?
We asked the teacher of the “Fashion Design” course of our fashion school to tell in detail with the example - how much is the production of fashionable clothes.

Lesson from Milan: 10 new ways to wear a usual shirt

A stylish person is not that who buy the packs of clothes every time, but the one who is able to combine everyday things and create stylish and unusual look.Today our Italian teachers from Milan will show you the most original ways to wear a usual shirt.

Top 5 colors to wear this spring-summer

The correctly selected colors in the wardrobe are 70% of success. There are so many shades, but every season we have the most fashionable of them.
And our teachers prepared for you 5 trendiest colors in clothes to wear spring/summer 2019.

What does a fashion stylist do?

One of the most popular professions in the fashion industry today is a fashion stylist.
Surely you have heard of such a profession, but not everyone knows what the fashion stylist actually does.
Today we want to tell you more about this profession and how it may suit you.

How to become a fashion blogger from the start: secrets of famous bloggers

Have you noticed that today every second person is a blogger?However, to open an Instagram account or start a blog - this does not at all mean being a successful blogger.
And even more, it does not mean that if someone publishes the photos in beautiful clothes, he/she is a fashion blogger.We decided to publish tips from already well-known fashion bloggers on what to do at the very beginning in order to truly become successful in the world of fashion and style.

A job of your dreams: to become a personal image consultant

In our fashion school one of the most popular study directions is the Professional image consultant course. Here study people from completely different countries from eighteen to sixty eight, after completion they begin to successfully conduct image consultations.Becoming an image consultant is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight - if you have a good taste and you like fashion, this profession may well suit you.
Today we will tell you about why so many people want to be image-makers, whether you will be able to work as an image consultant, what your job will be like, how much you will earn and how to get into the world of fashion.

How to create a commercially successful fashion collection

All the beginning fashion designers may be divided into 2 groups:
1 - those who create something very creative, unusual and innovative, but not comfortable in everyday life. And these designers don't make much money from their clothes.
2 - those who create the commercially successful collections.Such designers become well-known, open the boutiques around the world and gain millions.
Today we want to share with you - how to create fashion collections that will be purchased well and will make you the successful fashion designer.