How to take an awesome fashion photo for your Instagram and blog

Some people are simply mad about taking selfie, but their photos impress nobody, they won’t be watched by anybody. In principle, it’s possible to make even the most unpleasant photo lovely, but it is better that you turned out well at once, and then edited it to perfection. And this is how to make it.

Become a Fashion Stylist: Step-by-Step Career Guide

One of the most prestigious and important professions in the world of fashion is a fashion stylist. All famous editors of fashion-magazines are fashion stylists. Fashion stylists create images for all famous designers and magazines like Vogue or Elle. We asked the teachers from Milan of our Italian E-Learning Fashion School to tell us how it is possible to become a fashion stylist and to build a career in the world of fashion.

5 fashion-bloggers with inspiring Instagram

Nowadays Instagram is an excellent source of information about fashion tendencies and a free way to develop your dress sense and style. Today Instagram is the main tool of the fashion world – all important designers, stylists and fashion-photographers have accounts here and post stylish looks and creative ideas. Just look at photo news every day and improve your style. So, we represent you 5 Instagram accounts worth following.

How to wear statement jewelries

In the last few years the number of statement jewelries increased a lot. Jewelries not only complete the outfit but often are the main part of the look. Statement jewelries are one of the most popular trends nowadays. How to wear statement jewelries, how to mix them and how to choose colors properly? We asked an Italian stylist, teacher of Italian E-Learning Fashion School to tell you about it in details.

How to be a fashion blogger on Instagram and make money

Instagram became a huge part of life for many millions of people in a short period of time. Instagram is a good way of promoting oneself. The world of fashion uses it actively. There are areas where Instagram is a main platform for promotion. This is an area of fashion blogging. Nowadays fashion bloggers can earn...