Become a stylist and image consultant and earn good money

15 years ago, not a lot of people heard about the profession of an image consultant. Today, this job has become not only popular, but also very much in demand. A stylist can earn a lot of income by working just a few days a week at a convenient time. Moreover, today there are opportunities to work as an image consultant via the Internet around the world.
Our Italian teachers told how to become a stylist and an image consultant and start earning a good income after training. You can work as a stylist from anywhere in the world, you only need the Internet.


Creating a collection for most of people seems to be something very complex, incomprehensible and even magical. And some people, on the contrary, have in their heads the image of a creative person, on whom inspiration falls from the sky, and he suddenly begins to create and immediately creates a collection of clothes. Creating a collection is, of course, a creative process, but very thoughtful and logical. There is no magic here (or 10 percent of it), but in general it is a streamlined process with stages. The teachers of our school, Italian fashion designers, are ready to share with you what is happening behind the curtain of the fashion world.

History of fashion logos

Each well-known fashion brand has its own logo, by which it is recognized all over the world. Often this is a simple icon, but many logos are not as simple as they seem, they are carefully thought out and carry some information.

The formula of the most fashionable outfit in Italy this season

Traditionally, at the Italian School of Fashion, we update the lessons on the courses. Now we are recording style lessons with new teachers from Milan. Italian stylist and trend-researcher Giulia talked about the most fashionable look in Italy this season and how to create it in 1 minute for any woman.

The new trend is needlework. Ideas from Fashion shows, which you can use in your everyday outfits.

The return of needlework is an expected pursuit of uniqueness. We are tired of the same type of things. In the era of "fast fashion" it is becoming more and more difficult to find something special, not stamped, something that others do not have.
Chloe, Jil Sander, Jacquemus - all of them offer items with needlework elements in recent seasons. Macramé, crochet, embroidery, lace weaving, knitted and woven bags, patchwork technique, pearl embroidery and, of course, bijouterie.
The teachers of our school have prepared for you an interesting selection from Fashion shows that can inspire you to create your own handmade works of art.

The most fashionable interior style in Europe

Today our teachers, Italian designers, will tell you about a fashionable trend in European interior design.

Japandi style is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles in interior design.


From cowboy boots to layered clothing, this fall is full of new trends, and of course, our first priority is to help you find fabulous looks for fall 2022.
If you are at a loss and cannot find cool combinations, the Italian stylists-teachers of our school are ready to help you.

How to become a fashion designer and where to start

If you have a desire to become a fashion designer, but you do not know how and where to start, we recommend that you contact a real fashion designer for advice.

Today, our teacher of the Fashion Designer course will talk about three ways to become a fashion designer and how to start your journey into the fashion world.

New wardrobe items all stylish people should have in 2023

Fashion is very fast changing and moving. It is necessary to constantly monitor not only fresh trends, but also the emergence of new items of clothing and style components. Each of them has its own name, and you need to get acquainted with them.

Today our teacher will tell you what things stylish people should have in their wardrobe and what they are called in the fashion world.

How to decorate the house in the style of an Italian villa

If you love the traditional atmosphere of Italian design with its warm colors and natural materials, then the style of an Italian villa is sure to inspire you to create an unusual interior for your home!

Our teachers, Italian interior designers, shared the best ideas and tips on how to decorate your home in the style of an Italian villa.