Become a stylist and image consultant and earn good money

15 years ago, not a lot of people heard about the profession of an image consultant. Today, this job has become not only popular, but also very much in demand. A stylist can earn a lot of income by working just a few days a week at a convenient time. Moreover, today there are opportunities to work as an image consultant via the Internet around the world.
Our Italian teachers told how to become a stylist and an image consultant and start earning a good income after training. You can work as a stylist from anywhere in the world, you only need the Internet.

The most fashionable color of 2024

One of the most influential fashion forecasters is the Pantone Institute. Their forecasts are used by the world's largest fashion and design brands. Every December, the Pantone Color Institute announces a new color of the year. So, meet the color of next year 2024 according to Pantone – Peach Fuzz 13-1023.

How to wear pearl trend in 2024

Pearl was everywhere on the spring and summer 2024 runways from New York to Paris, from London to Milan. Precious and chic beads, already presented on the catwalks of previous Fashion Weeks, are undoubtedly the main trend of the season, and they will continue to be relevant next season. Keep reading this article to learn more about this trend! 

Fashion trends 2024: what we will dress

A trend is something that appears simultaneously among different designers. Twice is an accident. And if it appears three or more times, it is a trend. In this article we are going to talk about spring/summer trends 2024 from fashion shows.

Most trendy color 2023: How To Wear Grey

Who would have thought that we would stop loving the beige color and fall in love with grey with all our hearts. Grey color in all its shades is the absolute star of the new season. We often underestimate basic colors, considering them nothing more than a universal, but completely uninteresting basis for our looks. Although it is the basic colors that can often give the outfit something new and make it sparkle with new colors. Many people consider grey to be too boring and simple (in the bad sense of the word), but with proper styling, grey color in outfits will look very impressive. Grey is generally considered the color of wisdom, elegance and grace. This color conveys an air of sophistication. Let's also talk about this trendy color!

Interior Bathroom Design Ideas

The interior of a bathtub always has special requirements: it should be practical, comfortable, safe and, preferably, stylish. We have collected several ideas for designing a modern bathroom which you can inspire you to renovate. Keep reading to learn more about it!

What the most fashionable girls in Europe are wearing with a regular jacket this fall

What the most fashionable girls in Europe are wearing with a regular jacket this fall A black jacket is a universal wardrobe item that goes well with almost any outfit. It can be worn to the office, used in casual looks and combined with evening dresses. We are sharing with you current clothing images that will tell you what to wear with a black jacket this fall.

Iconic Prints & Patterns In Fashion History

Let's remember the most iconic prints of the world's houses. These designs on fabric received their “ticket to eternity”, becoming not only classics, but also the calling card of the brands. They remain relevant and recognizable regardless of time and fashion trends. Keep reading our atricles to learn more about it!