How to update wardrobe without spending money in 2020

Now, during quarantine, a lot of people are afraid to spend money on shopping, because you don’t know if there will be a financial crisis, if there will be problems with income ...
However, the summer season is getting closer, it's the time when we completely change our wardrobe.

We asked the Italian teachers of our fashion school to give 8 ideas on how to update your wardrobe in 2020 and not waste money.

How to be a Personal Stylist: Professional image consultant honestly talks about her work

We are often asked: “How much is the profession of image consultant and stylist in demand today? Is it difficult to find clients after studying? How long does it take to study?”
Best of all, such questions can be answered by someone who has gone from being just a stylish person to a successful image consultant working with clients.

We asked the image stylist and our graduate of the course “Certified Image Consultant” Irina Tikhomirova to talk about the profession of image stylist.

Video lesson “Fashion trends and anti-trends 2020”

Fashion does not stand still, and what we wore in past seasons is no longer trendy today. 
Together with the Italian stylist from Milan Silvia Stefanini, who works as an fashion stylist for LʼOfficiel magazine in Europe, we recorded a video master-class on how to dress and not to dress in 2020 - “How to create a wardrobe: trends and anti-trends”

We want to share with you a short video lesson from this master class.

What is the difference between Visual merchandiser and Window display specialist?

Any clothing store begins work with hanging assortment. Moreover, the sales directly depend on how well the hall and shop windows are decorated, how clothes are properly hung. The designer of the store is a visual merchandiser.
When talking about this profession, they often mention a window display merchandiser, a display merchandiser and visual merchandiser.

Our new merchandising teacher from Italy - Elena Bertini - will tell you about the difference between a display merchandiser and a visual merchandiser, and who you should study for if you decide to learn how to design fashion shops.

4 stylish ways to wear dresses this spring

If you want to add femininity to your wardrobe, wear dresses. Dresses will make any look more feminine and romantic.
However, in the spring due to the fact that it is still rather cold, it is not very clear how and with what to wear dresses. We offer you to try layering.

Our Italian stylists have collected 4 interesting ideas for you, how you can wear dresses this season.

How to make a fashion design collection

When talking about a collection of clothes, different people imagine completely different things, and often they are completely unrelated to the fashion world.

Some people think that a fashion design collection is just a set of skirts, dresses, trousers and jackets. Some say that a clothing collection is what is shown on a fashion show on TV or the Internet. Others believe that a fashion design collection is 10-20 things, united by some theme.

Today the teacher of the course “Certified Fashion Designer” of our Italian E-Learning Fashion School will talk about what a fashion design collection is and how it is created.

Career As An Image Consultant: where to work

Only fifteen years ago little did we know about the profession of a stylist-imagemaker.

Today, this job has become not only popular, but also highly-demanded. A stylist can get a lot of income working just a few days a week at a convenient time. Moreover, today there are opportunities to work as an image consultant via the Internet around the world.

If you are thinking about trying yourself in this profession, then this is a good idea. There are many opportunities for growth and earning in the sphere of fashion and style.

Today we will tell you about 10 areas where you can work as a stylist-imagemaker.

Style Tip from Milan which you can try today

Fashion Weeks are currently taking place in European capitals, where you can see the most fashionable clothes and the most stylish people. In the streets you can see a lot of new ideas for the wardrobe, how to wear ordinary clothes.
Our Italian stylists from Milan have found for you a very unusual idea with layering, how to dress so that it is fashionable and warm.