Secret designer method – how to create unusual and fashionable clothes

Lots of people wonder how Prada or Gucci from season to season create something new. It would seem that today all types of skirts or trousers are invented, and, however, on runways we constantly see something new and unusual. Today we will tell you about one secret designer method, using which you will be able to create stylish and unusual clothes.

5 secrets of famous fashion bloggers

Do you sometime dream to become fashion bloggers? And not just one of many, but really popular ones? This sphere is very popular and therefore the competition here too high today. The best and easiest way to become popular is to learn from the top bloggers. We investigated all confidential tactics that are used by top fashion bloggers and ready to tell you about them.

How to combine incongruous clothes and look perfect

If you want to dress up fashionable and not usual, then you surely should use the mix&match technique and to combine incongruous styles in one set. We asked the Italian stylists to tell how in the world of fashion to make an image in which are well combined several opposite styles.

What is a mood board and why a designer needs it

If you like to sew clothes or you dream to create fashion design, today we will tell you how collections in the most known fashion houses are created. Any collection of clothes begins not with the searching of fabrics, but with the development of the mood boards. Our teacher of the course "Fashion designer" will tell you about what it is and how to create your mood board.

How to launch your brand collection

Many dream to release the clothes that will be successfully on sale in shops and become popular. Some even begin to sew performing the individual orders, open studio, but and don’t approach to the releasing of the collection. Today our Italian teachers will tell you how to begin if you want to create clothes collections for sale and practically have no budget.

How to take an awesome fashion photo for your Instagram and blog

Some people are simply mad about taking selfie, but their photos impress nobody, they won’t be watched by anybody. In principle, it’s possible to make even the most unpleasant photo lovely, but it is better that you turned out well at once, and then edited it to perfection. And this is how to make it.