5 Must-Have Trends for Spring-Summer 2020

Soon the long-awaited spring will come. So it's time to think about updating your wardrobe for the spring season.
We asked the Italian teachers of our school to select for you 5 must-have trends that will be the most relevant in the spring-summer 2020.

Fashion visual merchandising tips: Pyramid

Are you aware that if you properly design a clothing store, you can increase sales by 2-3 times? One of the main principles of merchandising is the principle of the pyramid.
Our teacher of the course “Visual Fashion Merchandiser” Ekaterina Kulakova will talk about how the pyramid principle works in merchandising, and how it can help increase the sales.

What are the fashion lookbook and campaign, and what is the role of a fashion stylist

One of the most interesting professions in the fashion world is the job of a fashion stylist. Fashion stylist comes up with images for models who are filming in magazines, in advertising or design companies. In the design company fashion-stylist helps to make catalogs and lookbooks.
Today we will tell you about what a fashion catalog is, how it differs from a lookbook and how a fashion stylist makes a photo shoot.

6 Style Tips and Tricks 2020

Each season, designers present their new collections of clothes and accessories at fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York and London. Usually all the fashion brands show new and unusual ways how to style their clothes in order to look unique.
Of course, the Spring-Summer 2020 fashion runways were no exception.
The Italian teachers of our School have chosen new stylish ways to dress with the help of an actual wardrobe.

Displaying of jewelry in the store: merchandising rules

In any fashion store there is a small assortment of jewelry and accessories. This is a good way to increase the value of the check and make additional sales. However, not everyone knows how to make a stylish layout jewelry. Often, jewelry merchandising either looks cheap, or buyers do not notice jewelry at all.
Our teacher of the course “Visual Merchandiser” Ekaterina Kulakova will talk about how you can make a stylish display of jewelry in a store, on a display case in order to increase your sales.

Career of Fashion Designer: Everything You Wanted to Know

Every year, the profession of fashion designer attracts attention of so many people. Designing clothes, studying photos with fashion trends, preparing shows and shooting lookbooks of the collection - all these things appeal to many creative people.
We have gathered the most comprehensive review about the profession of a fashion designer - how relevant it is in 2020, how much they pay today, what are the pros and cons of the profession.

Personal Shopper Secrets: How to make shopping during discounts

Winter discounts began in all stores in the world - now it's the time when you can buy fashionable clothes two or even three times cheaper.
On the one hand, it seems that during this period it is very easy to do shopping because of low prices. On the other hand, there's a chance to get a mass of cheap things bought during the sales period, then hanging dead in the closets never once worn.

6 ways to look stylish in 2020

To look stylish and trendy, it is important to constantly monitor not only what is fashionable now, but also find different ways to combine clothes in your wardrobe. At the end of 2019, there appeared new formulas for combining clothing sets which will be relevant throughout 2020.
We have chosen 6 most trendy ways to look stylish this year. We recommend taking them into account.

Schedule of the Italian E-Learning Fashion School for the New Year holidays 2020

Due to the holidays, our representative office of the Italian E-Learning Fashion School does not work from December 31 to January 8
During this period, we will not send feedback on your homework and answer on the applications for courses.
Since January 9, the school will work as usual and will be able to resolve all the issues.

What Not to Wear in 2020, And What to Wear Instead

Surely you are aware that fashion is constantly changing. And what we wore 2 years ago, today is no longer modern and stylish.
We have chosen for you a list of items that will not look trendy in the next 2020. We recommend sending these things to the far shelf in your closet and forget about them.