How to look expensive and stylish: 8 color combinations

It goes without saying that now people may have different ideas about what makes an outfit “cheap” or “expensive”. But one thing we know for sure: the price of a thing does not always determine how it will look on you.

It’s easy for women to fall into the “more is better” trap. It is believed that expensive designer items guarantee the success of the outfit and the perfect picture, but this is not the case. Often the simplest things can make your outfit more aesthetically pleasing, and today our teachers, Italian stylists, will tell you how you can look expensive and stylish with the help of beautiful color combinations.

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Pairing different and unexpected colors with each other can instantly update your look. We recommend trying fresh combinations periodically to make sure you don’t limit yourself to specific things.

Of course, not all color combinations work, and definitely not everything together looks as chic as we would like.
There is something about the combination of black and fuchsia that we personally lack (but if you like this combination, it’s no problem 🙂).
Purple and yellow didn’t catch us either. And we personally avoid the combination of green and red (unless it’s a traditional X-mas color scheme).

However, some colors look especially expensive when combined with other shades. Today we are going to look at some examples of color combinations that look really expensive.

1. Orange + Light Beige

If there is one color that defines 2022, it is definitely orange. However, we firmly believe that you will look stunning in this color combination.

2. Brown + Gold

For years, brown was considered outdated in fashion circles, but after it began to reappear in high-end designer collections, it once again looked especially sophisticated when paired with gold accents as in accessories.

3. Blue + Yellow

The combination of blue and yellow may seem very flashy, but when you choose softer tones of these colors, the combination becomes unmistakably chic.

4. Sage + Beige

Our eyes are very pleased to see how these unusual shades look together. Sage is a delicate bleached shade of green. It goes well with the same colors in saturation.

5. Black + White

Of all the color combinations out there, it’s hard to find one more timeless than black and white. This season, the catwalks were filled with monochrome looks, but with the addition of white as the predominant color in the ratio of white and black. This is a very comfortable combination as white is perfect for summer and it always looks fresh.

6. Orange Brown + Khaki

Earthy tones always go great together, and rusty and mossy combination is no exception. Just look how expensive this combination looks.

7. Pink + Red

Although fashionistas used to avoid the combination of red and pink, it is now considered one of the trendiest color combinations of recent years.

8. Dark Blue + Cream

Cream and beige tones can make any outfit significantly more expensive, but paired with navy, even for a casual look, this combination always looks so upscale.