Lesson from Milan: how to choose the perfect swimsuit

Swimsuit is a must have in the wardrobe for all the women in summer.

But it’s not so easy to choose the right one – because it reveals all the sides of the figure, makes it visible to others.

Teachers of our fashion school chose for you the perfect swimwear for each body type.

Apple figure type

You have a little tummy, a large breast, but slim hips, legs and arms.

The ideal swimsuit is a one-piece black model with an accent on the top part of the figure – lace, neckline, contrasting color above.

You should not choose the separate models.

Hourglass body type

Your figure is proportional, a waist, a breast and hips are well accentuated.

You can choose absolutely any swimsuit. Best of all you will look in a retro style, this model will make an accent on the beautiful shapes.
The second very trendy variant this summer – a one-piece swimsuit with a belt.

You have a slim figure, but the waist is not accentuated well; your task is to create a volume in the breast and hips area so that the waist line appears.

The best variant here is a separate swimsuit with details on shorts or bust (lace, laces, reaped material). The idea is that you add volume to your chest and hips and thus visually create a waistline. The bottom should be at the hips, not at the waist.

If you want a one-piece swimsuit you should choose the model with diagonal lines, a node that is fixed in the middle of the figure.

Pear figure type

In your figure the hips are wider than the shoulders. Your task is to hide the disproportions here.

Your perfect swimsuit is the model with high panties in retro style. The top of the swimsuit can be of any shape. It is better if it is bright in color, and panties are black.

The second variant is the dark-colored one-piece swimsuit with a low-cut neckline as in the photo.

Inverted triangle figure

In your figure the shoulders are wider than the hips (the figure of a swimmer).

You should choose the trend of the recent years – a separate swimsuit with parts different in color.

Choose panties with an unusual print, patterns, bright colors, and the top of the swimsuit – monochrome, better – dark. So you catch attention to the bottom part.

The second variant is a swimsuit with ordinary panties, but with a top of American cut which narrows the line of the shoulders.
Panties it’s always better to choose with ties which will visually add volume to the hips.

Oval figure type

You have a plump figure, but proportional (full waist, chest, hips, arms and legs).

Your perfect swimsuit is one-piece black model. Or the variant with a skirt or flared top.

When you are on the beach, we recommend wearing a pareo or a transparent black dress. Add a hat with a wide brim and unusual sunglasses. So you will shift the focus from the figure to the unusual accents in the image.

A separate swimsuit is not for you.