How to choose the right length of clothes

We are often asked what the perfect length of skirts and dresses should be.

We0d like to present you an ideal length of clothes “golden ratio”, which will look best on the body shape of a woman in terms of the harmony of the composition.
We offer you a special formula on how to calculate the ideal length of skirts, dresses and tops for your height.

How to find the perfect skirt length

You will need:

  • centimeter tape measure
  • shoes that you wear most often with skirts and dresses, as you will get different results depending on the height of the heel.

What should be done:

1. Measure the length of the body from the shoulders to the floor in centimeters (put on shoes and measure for each pair of shoes with different heel heights).

2. Divide this number by the golden ratio of 1.618.

3. The resulting number is your golden number, and it gives you a point for the perfect hem length for skirts, dresses or shorts.

You will find that the heel will give you a larger golden number, so with the heels on the hem should be longer, while on the flat sole the golden number will be smaller, so the hem will end higher.

This Golden Ratio method will help you create the illusion of long legs.

How to find the perfect top length

So, we figured out where the hem of your skirt should end, how about the length of your tops?

To measure your Golden Number of tops, you need to:

  • divide your body length from shoulder to floor by 1.618
  • take the resulting measures from the floor to the top

If the resulting length is below your natural waistline, choose tops that also end below the waistline.

If the resulting golden number ends at the waistline or higher, then choose tops that end on your waist or just above the waist.

All this applies to your general body proportions.

Long legs need longer tops, while short legs look best in shorter tops.

For most people who don’t have super-long or super-short legs, the Golden Ratio is the perfect measure of the length of tops and cardigans.