The most trendy maxi skirts and how to dress them in 2022

Do you have a maxi skirt in your wardrobe?
Do you know that it will be trendy again in the new season?

Our Italian stylists have selected for you the most fashionable models of maxi skirts in 2022 and show you how and with what to wear them.

History of fashion design in simple pictures

Do you know how Art Nouveau differs from Empire, and Romanticism from Baroque?
The history of fashion and costume is very important to know for anyone who wants to be a stylist or fashion designer in order to take ideas for creating clothes and understand what is relevant today.

Our teacher of the Faculty of Fashion Design has compiled a handy cheat sheet for you on fashion eras and costume history.

Top interior design mistakes which people make

When purchasing a home, many people have a desire to do redecoration and repairs on their own. However, often they do not pay attention to details that can spoil all the work done.

Today, our teachers, Italian interior designers, will share examples of common mistakes that should be avoided when creating an interior.

How to work as a freelance fashion designer

In this video, the teacher of the course Fashion Designer will talk if it is possible to work as a freelance fashion designer today.
You will know about the pros and cons of being a freelance designer.