Who is a fashion blogger and how much does a fashion blogger make?

Many people now prefer to read online fashion magazines and blogs for free rather than go out and buy magazines. In Italy, for example, they talk about the print media crisis: European readers prefer online fashion blogs and websites about fashion. In this regard, it is appeared also a new profession in the fashion world - fashion blogger.

New Year gift from iELFS

The Italian E-Learning Fashion School's team congratulates you with coming New Year! Some of you we've got to know just recently and with some other of you we've become already old good friends. It's great that you are interested in fashion and style and keep developing your skills in this creative and so unusual sphere.

Style tips: what colors make you look slimmer?

They say that black color makes you slimmer and white color makes the opposite. Is it true? What other colors helps your body to look slimmer and what colors only add you some extra weight? We would like to give you some style tips on this topic from italian stylists.

Rules of personal shopping in mass market shops

Recently, one of our IELFS students, who took the course "Image consultant" asked us to tell more about the rules of personal shopping in inexpensive mass-market stores (such as Bershka, Promod, Zara, H&M, New Yorker, Stardivarius). In these shops clothes are in the large quantity of items but most of them are similar and look cheap. We will tell you how you can do personal shopping in mass market stores and do not look cheap in that clothes.

What to Wear to Work: 10 colors which you should and should never wear to work

For sure everyone can have some difficulties with choosing what to wear to work. In this case it is very important not only focus on what a fashionable and beautiful clothes you have in your wardrobe and how good you look in them, but also on colors of clothes that you choose. The right choice can help you not only look stylish and fashionable, but will have also an influence on your communication with clients, colleagues, boss.

How much do jobs in the fashion industry are paid?

Jobs in the fashion industry are considered as prestigious and interesting. However, many people think that it is not serious and you can't build a career there and make money. Is it true? How much do jobs in the fashion industry pay? According to the latest chambers of commerce survey the fashion industry is one of the few industries with increasing sales. For example in Italy the fashion experts earn an average 15% higher than experts from other industries.

What is a Showroom?

In fashion industry people often speak about “showrooms”. So what is showroom? People say that in showrooms you can buy things at low prices and order collections for shops. Sometimes showrooms are mentioned as a sort of private spaces, where only special people are allowed and where fashion shows take place. Some shops call themselves showrooms instead of boutiques.

What is a Fashion Stylist’s Role During a Fashion Shoot?

When you look at photos of models in glossy magazines like Vogue, Cosmo or Elle, you see a result of joint work of the entire team: photographer, model, make-up artist, hairstylist and fashion stylist. Every one of them must be present at the shooting, as he or she is responsible for a specific task. Photographer takes pictures, sets up lighting; model postures; make-up artist applies make-up, hairstylist arranges model’s hair. What’s the stylist’s role here?

Learning to Choose the Right Hairstyle and Shape

Any person, whether he or she follows fashion and style closely, dresses right or wrong, has to take daily care of his or her hair, comb them and fix them in a particular shape. While we can change clothes every day, our hairstyle usually stays the same. We only change it after attending a hair stylist or for special occasions. However, wrong haircut or hairstyle can spoil the most effective look and the most expensive clothing.