Perfect jeans pair for every body type

Can you guess what clothes you have in your wardrobe for sure? Try...Of course, this are jeans!
And we may say that a really good pair of jeans is the best decision for a purchase. A proper model of baby blue color is the item that give a good mood, you feel yourself confident and sexy.
But how to find such a pair if youʼre not an owner of the perfect figure?
Our Italian stylists from Milan prepared the perfect choice depending on your figure type. Just take these advices and try on several pairs of jeans during the nearest shopping.

10 fashion trends we’ll all be wearing this spring and summer 2019

The spring is closer and closer, so it's time to renew the wardrobe and to add new fashionable things. Don't you want to look old-fashioned, do you?
And if you also work in the sphere of fashion and style, then you have to be aware of the most relevant fashion trends of this season.
The Italian stylists from Milan - our teachers - chose for you the hottest trends of this season which have to be in your wardrobe.

How to choose Fall Jacket for Every Body Type

If you think about what clothes you most often wear in the fall and winter, then you will immediately imagine a winter jacket.
Today the Italian teacher of our fashion school Antonella Petrecca will talk about how to choose the right winter jacket for women and which variant will be best for your body shape.

Fashion forecast 2019 for fashion designers

The key to success of any beginning fashion designer is an ability to guess the tastes of potential buyers and fashion trends. It is important to create such things which people will want to buy.
Today the teacher of the course "Fashion designer" Yulia Kulakova will tell about fashion forecast for 2019.

An ideal skirt to your figure type

Do you know what skirt is ideal for your figure type?
Practically all European image stylists agree in opinion that the main mistake which is made by women in wardrobe creation, is the incorrect choice of clothes style for your figure.
For certain, you also noticed that in some clothes you look more harmonious and beautiful, and some looks like a bag on you.
Today we asked the Italian stylists of our school to tell about an ideal skirts for every figure type.

9 best color combinations of the season

The cold season is still here, but we don't need to wait too long and refuse the chance to be bright right now!
We prepared for you the super color combinations that won't leave you indifferent - plum and cardinal red with blush or crimson, tan and navy - why not?

How to Start a Successful Clothing Brand

Do you dream of creating the clothes or already sew collections?
For certain, you have a question: how to make your clothes commercially successfully?
How to create the known fashion brand which will be popular?
The very first important step here - to decide what things in general to sew and then to sell.
Today we will tell you about what assortment you should choose for the collection to sell it better.

How to Become a Fashion Designer: 10 ideas for you

Do you like fashion and would you like to create stylish clothes?
We selected for you 10 fashion spheres where you could try to find your place. All these ideas are useful both for professionals and those who were never engaged in sewing, drawing or creation of clothes earlier.
You may try any of these spheres. All you need is love to fashion, good taste and training in skills of the clothes design.

Best party dress for each body type

New Year's holidays are coming, it's time when every woman wants to shine and look as a queen.
Today the Italian teachers will tell about the right dresses for each figure type.
It is possible to vary colors and textures, but we recommend to pay attention exactly on the silhouettes which accentuate your best sides and make you gorgeous.

How to become a designer: tips for beginners

Many people would like to create the clothes design, but they never turn a dream into reality. Often there are such thoughts: "I won't succeed, I am not a fashion designer".
We'll open a secret for you — it is not so difficult as it seems.
Today our teacher of the online course "Fashion designer" Yulia Kulakova will give the detailed instruction - what you need to do to become the successful fashion designer.