The Simplest Way to Draw Fashion Sketches for beginner fashion designers

Fashion designers spend most of their time thinking of fashion sketches. But what if you do not know how to draw people and clothes?
In the video tutorial the teacher of our online course Fashion Designer will show The Simplest Way to Draw Fashion Sketches, even if you do not know how to draw.

10 fashion bloggers you need to subscribe to in 2019

Nowadays there are no more people left who don’t know anything about fashion bloggers. We are sure that you are subscribed to some bloggers in social networks and regularly look at their photos and posts. Blogging today gives an absolutely unknown person the opportunity to become a celebrity with a good taste, earn money and even dictate fashion trends.
Today we want to tell you about 10 fashion bloggers that you should subscribe to in 2019.

Visual fashion merchandising: the rule of 3

Looking at some shop windows of clothing stores, you probably noticed how well-thought-out clothes are hung, so that you just want to buy them. To achieve this effect, special visual merchandising techniques are used.   
Today, the teacher of our course “Visual Fashion Merchandiser” will talk about the “Rule of 3”, how you can drive up sales of any clothing store using visual merchandising. If you have your own clothing store or want to work as a visual merchandiser, this lesson will be very useful for you.

7 Best wardrobe color combinations for 2019-2020

The latest Street style shows Fall-Winter 2019/2020 were extremely colorful: beige is now replaced by vivid shades of colors. Fashion community no longer obeys the rules.
Here are 7 most trendy clothing color combinations for upcoming season.

Where do fashion designers work?

Each of us wants to look interesting and fashionable that is why people who know how to create clothes are always in price.
The profession of a fashion designer will always be in demand because the need to dress has existed since the earliest times.
If you have learned to become a fashion designer,  you have 2 ways - to create your own brand or to become a fashion designer in an fashion company.  Most start with work in design companies to gain experience.
Today, our teacher of the course “Fashion Designer” Julia Kulakova will talk how to get a job as a designer in an fashion company, what are the requirements and salary.