How to Mix and Match your Clothes and have trendy wardrobe

How to Mix and Match your Clothes and have trendy wardrobe

Probably many people have such clothing combinations in their look that are absolutely unacceptable for them. It can be weird color combinations or even style.

For example, a baseball cap and a classic trench coat can be completely incompatible for someone, but it can be harmonious and fashionable look for others.

But the combination of the incompatible is the basis of everything!

The most unexpected inventions happen just from the fact that contrasting things are mixed. New global fashion trends are born in such experiments.

Our life is about templates which we are used to. If someone does something unusual, we can’t believe it’s possible!

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The combination of the incompatible is called eclectic.
This is a mixture of different styles in one harmonious look.
This is not a strange combination of different clothing items, but a well-thought-out outfit that looks light and as if was born by chance.
In eclecticism not only clothing is important, but also the whole look: hairstyle, make-up, perfume.
Eclectic is the creation of your own style, and not following the canon printed in fashion magazines.

World fashion and all its mechanisms changed in the 1970s

Buyers stopped choosing one dominant style and began to combine clothes from different collections.
Women began to express themselves, showing commitment to several directions at once, and not just demonstrating their status with the help of clothes.

Street style

There is a street style. You probably often see photos of fashionably dressed people walking down the street. In this style the basic principle is to combine the incompatible. Street fashion does not dictate what can and cannot be worn. On the contrary, the more freedom and originality, the better. The motto of street style is to create bold looks, which look sassy and unusual.

Dress or business suit with sneakers

For example, these combinations – dress or business suit with sneakers – seems unacceptable for us, but nowadays they have become absolutely usual.
The most amazing thing is that such combinations suit today not only for everyday wardrobe, but also for an office!

T-shirt under a business

The combination of T-shirt under a business suit seemed unusual, but today it is suitable for the classic and casual looks. The same is for white shirts and jeans which is the most basic combination today! But people couldn’t imagine it before.


Wear wool and satin together? Certainly!
Recently, this is considered too unexpected. But someone took a chance and tried.
Wide trousers with flat shoes was the perfect example of bad taste too, but nowadays everything has changed.

Aesthetic values

There is no right or wrong in fashion, there are only aesthetic values. Wearing a leopard print sweatshirt with a bright printed skirt was unacceptable before, but today Riccaro Tisci from Givenchy insists that this is how it should be worn. Prints of different origins and colors are easily and naturally combined with each other.

If someone does not allow himself/herself to experiment with the combination of various incompatible things, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.

Don’t be afraid to change your style and stay fashionable!