7 jobs that will be in demand in 2021-2022

Have you always dreamed of working in the fashion world, but can’t decide on a profession?

Today we will tell you about 7 fashion professions that you can start today.

1. Stylist. Personal shopper. Image consultant

If we are talking about an image consultant or a personal shopper, then this profession is, to a greater extent, connected with the world of fashion.
The main task is to come up with a wardrobe that will reflect the inner state of a person and will be as relevant and appropriate to the client’s type of appearance.

The image consultant can also specialize only in shopping, that is, he/she helps to select a wardrobe for the required budget, based on the client’s style.

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2. Fashion designer

If you decide to become a fashion designer, you have 3 ways:

1. Work in the office of a clothing manufacturer with a permanent salary

This option is chosen by most designers who have just graduated. You start as a technical designer (in Europe this position is called Junior Designer) and after 2 years you will be able to lead the development of a line for a brand. This is the best option for those who want a stable and permanent job, when there is no need to look for clients and there is no money to develop their brand.

2. Work from home or in your own office as a freelancer

This option is for more advanced designers with experience. You do not work for one clothing company, but for several. For example, you can be a freelance designer at Prada, H&M and Cos. Your tasks might be drawing technical sketches for a specific clothing line, developing and coming up with ideas for a collection, or leading the entire process of creating clothes from scratch to the final stages of fitting the finished items on models.

3. Create your own clothing brand

Usually, all beginners in fashion design dream about this option. But not everyone has the money to create things under their own brand. Expect that in the first year your income will only cover expenses, and you will come out on profit in about 2 years after the launch of the brand.

However, this is the only option if you want to become famous in the fashion world. Only in this case your name will be written on the things you create.

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3. Interior designer

All interior designers can be divided into 2 categories
Category 1: An interior designer who works in a specialized design bureau

In this case, the designer works in a team with architects, other designers, visualizers, and even a construction team. The bureau receives orders from offline or online clients and creates layouts for them.

It often happens that an interior designer in a bureau does only a certain part of the work (for example, only plans the layouts or only meets with clients).

Category 2: An interior designer who works freelance

In this case, the interior designer works independently. He meets with clients or takes online tasks. He takes measurements and creates layouts. Such designers can also supervise the implementation of the interior design project.

Freelance designers almost always have their own construction team that carries out projects for clients.

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4. Visual merchandiser

The main goal of a fashion merchandiser is to make a product as attractive as possible for a potential buyer so that he/she wants to make a purchase. In the process of working on the space of the store, you, as a specialist, must design shop windows, displays in retail stores and shopping centers of a particular brand. At the same time, the merchandiser takes responsibility for how the goods will be presented in the boutique so that sales increase.

The responsibilities of a visual merchandiser may vary depending on the role in the team and may include the following: finding materials and elements for decorating displays (lighting, mannequins, accessories, installing and removing displays), making good use of available space and decorating mannequins with clothing, and, for example, creative lighting of window displays.

Besides, the visual merchandiser prepares promotions/sales and events taking place in the store, makes reports, and also cooperates with other merchandisers and buyers.

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5. Fashion illustrator

A fashion illustrator is a person who sketches clothes on models. An illustrator is also called a graphic designer, but in the realm of fashion.

He/she can draw by hand (with pencils, paints or markers) or in computer programs.

What he draws:

  • fashion girls
  • models from shows
  • trendy items
  • prints on clothes

You can draw for fun, you can make it your hobby, you can use the skill of sketching to work as a fashion designer or stylist. Or you can make real money by drawing trendy sketches.

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6. Fashion Stylist

In Italy, a fashion stylist is a person who works in 3 directions:

The first direction is personal consulting of clients on the image and style.

On the one hand, this is the one who advises on the style and image of ordinary people and selects their wardrobe. On the other hand, it is working with famous people, stars, artists who need to help create an image and style for advertising campaigns, shoot in a magazine or music videos.

The second direction of ​​work of a fashion stylist is working with designers, brands and design companies.

You’ve probably seen advertisements or catalogs with models dressed in some designer’s clothes.

It is the stylist who dresses the models for shooting catalogs, advertising campaigns and designer lookbooks. He/she also helps to carry out fashion shows, comes up with the designer, what things to show, how to wear them on models and what to combine with.

Besides, a stylist is often hired to advise a designer on fashion trends, the concept of presenting their clothes to consumers.

The last, most difficult and prestigious direction of ​​this job is work in glossy magazines. All photos of models in magazines, pages with trendy clothes are made with the help of a stylist. It is he who comes up with how to dress the models, what things to use for filming, how to present them.

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7. Sartorialist

The task of the sartorialist is to help the client choose and order a suit in a tailor shop in Italy.
The sartorialist meets with the client, takes measurements from him, helps to select the desired suit, shirt and shoes from samples of fabric and silhouettes, and sends the order for tailoring to an atelier in Italy. After that, he receives a ready-made suit and has a test fitting with the client. If the suit does not fit well on the client, the sartorialist gives the suit back to the atelier for fitting and then hands over the finished suit to the client.

Thus, the sartorialist is the link between the client and the atelier, and he helps to order a client and receive a suit without leaving home.

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