Types of Fashion Styles: сomplete guide

Do you want to know more about fashion styles? Do you work in fashion?
Get this online express course and learn the most relevant information about fashion styles.

Complete guide to dressing for each body shape

Get the complete step-by-step guide from Milan what clothes is recommended and not recommended to the women with different shapes.
We prepared for you maximum examples of clothes that could be in a wardrobe, you’ll get the full guide.

Video guide: Image and Style Consultant Toolkit

Are you a stylist, an image consultant or are you still studying fashion?
Learn how to create professional and stylish color palettes, silhouette cards, style books for image consultations with the video guide "Image and Style Consultant Toolkit".

How to combine colors in clothes: online express course from Italy

Would you like to know how to create perfect color combinations in clothing just in 2 minutes?
Would you like to combine colors in clothes like famous fashion bloggers and fashion stylists from the magazines?
Then take our new express course from Italy «How to combine colors in clothes»

Express online course How to produce a fashion collection

Online express course for fashion designers
You will learn:
- Where and how it is possible to produce clothes today
- How to work with Chinese factories
- How to create clothes samples
- What is the passport of a product and how to create it

Express online course What are fashion trends and how to predict them

This express course is made for fashion designers:
Get full information about appearing of the new fashion trends: how and from where to take the Information - what styles, colors and materials will be on sale in a year in all large boutiques.
Study how to predict fashion trends in 2-3 seasons in front.

Express online course How to draw fashion sketches

This online express course is for people wha want to learn how to create fashion sketches of clothes
You will learn how to create sketches even if you draw not really well, do not know how to use the Photoshop or were never engaged in clothes design before at all.