Express online course How to draw fashion sketches

This online express course is for people wha want to learn how to create fashion sketches of clothes
You will learn how to create sketches even if you draw not really well, do not know how to use the Photoshop or were never engaged in clothes design before at all.

Express online course How to promote a fashion brand

Get a lot of practical information how to launch and promote your fashion brand even if you never worked in marketing of fashion management before.
How to create labels, why we need hashtags, is it worth selling in Instagram, how to work with showrooms and other important questions.

Express online course How to organize a fashion show

Many people dream to become the famous fashion designers. The first step to become popular in your city is to organize a fashion show.
In this express course you will get the secrets of performing of the successful fashion shows that are used by all the most known European brands.
All the lessons are based on the practice — not just a theory, but the maximum of information about performing of the real fashion shows.

Express online course How to create a color palette for a collection

Express course for fashion designers
Get the most detailed instruction on how to select color palette for any collection!
You will know how to select color palette of your clothes correctly, how to define and choose trendy colors, how to achieve the unity of a collection by means of color.

Fashion trend report for fall-winter 2019/2020

Get the most actual information on what is fashionable and stylish in each season in women and men clothes.
Use your knowledge about trends for update your style, for your blog, fashion-shop, image consultations or photoshoots