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Many people dream to become the famous fashion designers. They want Vogue to write about them, celebrities to wear their clothes and every new collection to be sold within a week.

The first step to become popular in your city is to organize a fashion show.The success of the performance guarantees that about your brand there will be written in the famous glossy magazines, the buyers will order the assortment to present in the shops and people will buy the clothes.

In this express online course “How to organize a fashion show”

you will get the secrets of performing of the successful fashion shows that are used by all the most known European brands. All the lessons are based on the practice — not just a theory, but the maximum of information about performing of the real fashion shows.

  • How to organize the fashion show.
  • Model casting for the fashion show: how to organize it.
  • What accessories and shoes to choose for the fashion show.
  • How to make the invitations and who to invite.
  • Press releases of the collection: what should be the text about and where to send it.

You need this express course if:

  • you want to create the fashion brand
  • you study design of clothes
  • you’re a fashion designer and want to receive more practical skills
  • you have the studio or you sew things to order and want to create the fashion line
  • you want to receive more knowledge and skills in the sphere of the fashion design
ielfs fashion teacher julia kulakova

Teacher – Fashion designer Yulia Kulakova

  • worked as fashion designer and the art director of the fast fashion brand Kira Plastinina clothes (retail network in 4 countries) from the very beginning, she created more than 50% of all the assortment (including the majority of best-sellers in retail networks which were the hits of the sales).
  • had her own fashion design studio “Fashion Laboratory” where she had been creating her own brand, also she worked as the creative assistant of luxory pret-a-porte designers “Nina Donis”.
  • worked in various segments of clothes design and perfectly understands in practice how to create the limited luxury collections, to make clothes for a mass market of brands with huge production at factories in China and how to develop the fashion brand.
  • was a winner of various competitions in fashion designing and today she is already not a participant, but the member in the juries of similar competitions

You can study when you want where you want: at home, in office or in a cafe. All what you need is a computer/mobile/tablet and internet access

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  2. Get an access to the e-learning portal of the school
  3. Start a course whenever you like: watch video lessons and make practical tasks online
  4. Make practice homework and get feedback from  teacher
  5. Get European certificate from Italian E-Learning Fashion School upon completing the course by e-mail

Basic version — 59 EUR
— video lessons of the course

Standard version — 79 EUR
— video lessons of the course
— practical home tasks
— performing of the practical task by the teacher and the feedback from the teacher with the results
— electronic certificate upon completion of the course

— access period to the course – 1 month

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