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Any fashion collection starts from the choice of its theme, searching of the inspiration and creation of a Moodboard. The success of the idea realisation depends on your creativeness and detailed approach.

This express online  course “How to choose the theme of a collection and create a moodboard”

will give you the Information about a MoodBoard – how to make it and where to take the inspiration for performing a successful collection. During the study process you’ll try to search for the inspiration and create MoodBoards for your collections on practice.

  • Data searching for creation of a fashion collection
  • Sources of inspiration that are helpful for creating a collection
  • Where to find the inspiration. Movie recommendations.
  • Creation of a mood board
  • Mood board — presentation of a collection. Examples of different types of mood boards
  • How to make a collection from a mood board

You need this express course if:

  • you want to create the fashion brand
  • you study design of clothes
  • you’re a fashion designer and want to receive more practical skills
  • you have the studio or you sew things to order and want to create the fashion line
  • you want to receive more knowledge and skills in the sphere of the fashion design
ielfs fashion teacher julia kulakova

Teacher – Fashion designer Yulia Kulakova

  • worked as fashion designer and the art director of the fast fashion brand Kira Plastinina clothes (retail network in 4 countries) from the very beginning, she created more than 50% of all the assortment (including the majority of best-sellers in retail networks which were the hits of the sales).
  • had her own fashion design studio “Fashion Laboratory” where she had been creating her own brand, also she worked as the creative assistant of luxory pret-a-porte designers “Nina Donis”.
  • worked in various segments of clothes design and perfectly understands in practice how to create the limited luxury collections, to make clothes for a mass market of brands with huge production at factories in China and how to develop the fashion brand.
  • was a winner of various competitions in fashion designing and today she is already not a participant, but the member in the juries of similar competitions

You can study when you want where you want: at home, in office or in a cafe. All what you need is a computer/mobile/tablet and internet access

  1. Register for this course and make payment
  2. Get an access to the e-learning portal of the school
  3. Start a course whenever you like: watch video lessons and make practical tasks online
  4. Make practice homework and get feedback from  teacher
  5. Get European certificate from Italian E-Learning Fashion School upon completing the course by e-mail

Basic version — 69 EUR
— video lessons of the course

Standard version — 89 EUR
— video lessons of the course
— practical home tasks
— performing of the practical task by the teacher and the feedback from the teacher with the results
— electronic certificate upon completion of the course

— access period to the course -1 month

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